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Star Wars Lore - Kix

As a member of the 501st Legion, Kix dedicated his medical expertise to aiding those injured on the battlefield. However, he was not afraid to join his brothers in gunning down enemy forces. As testament to his mettle, Kix had stencilled across his head the phrase “a good droid is a dead one”. Aside from medpacs and life-preserving gear, the clone became equipped with the knowledge of a sinister plot, in which the Sith planned to destroy the Jedi Order. Unfortunately, before Kix could alert the Republic, Separatist forces cryogenically froze him for almost fifty years. Upon reawakening, the medic realised he was the only remaining clone trooper in a very different galaxy…

Shortly after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Order desperately tried to capture the supreme commander of the Separatist droid army, General Grievous. Consequently, following a naval battle above Saleucami, Republic forces investigated the planet’s surface for any trace of the cyborg. Under the instructions of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, Jesse, Hardcase and Kix searched for jettisoned escape pods. Unfortunately, two commando droids opened fire on the squad from afar, wounding Rex in the process. As a medic, Kix immediately attended to the unconscious captain, noticing Rex had been shot a mere two inches away from his heart. Even though Jesse and Hardcase managed to destroy the droid snipers, the clones were in no fit state to continue their mission. In a nearby homestead, Kix patched up Rex’s wound. However, even after regaining consciousness, the captain had to recuperate. In the meantime, Jesse took command of the squad. Working with Kenobi and his group of troopers, Jesse, Hardcase and Kix located Grievous. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Grievous escaped in a Separatist shuttle, rendering the mission unsuccessful.

Hoping for a better outcome, Kix accompanied the 501st Legion to Umbara, where they faced the Umbaran Militia and a fierce Separatist occupation. Relentless, the enemy wounded many members of the 501st, working Kix overtime as a result. The situation only worsened when Jedi General Pong Krell took charge of the legion, due to his unorthodox methods. After reluctantly trekking through rough Umbaran terrain for twelve hours straight, Krell’s men were ambushed. Amidst the rain of blaster fire, Kix administered temporary stimulants to save as many injured as he could. However, the casualty count only intensified as the conflict continued, forcing Kix to leave men behind. Many clones then began to question Krell’s orders. As a result, against the Jedi’s instruction, Kix helped Fives, Jesse and Hardcase prepare for a daring mission. Their quest to breach enemy lines and destroy a Separatist supply ship ultimately succeeded, even with Hardcase’s sacrifice. Upon return, however, Fives and Jesse were court martialled for defying a direct order from a general. Consequently, against protests from Captain Rex, the two clones faced a firing squad.

As part of the firing squad, Kix readied his blaster; he prepared to gun down his “brothers”. However, when the call came, the clones purposefully missed their targets. Krell was infuriated by yet another betrayal, but he quickly enacted a betrayal of his own. The Jedi ordered his men to open fire on Umbaran soldiers disguised as members of the 212th Attack Battalion. After a short and bloody affair, Rex realised that their enemy were not Umbarans at all, rather fellow clone troopers. When confronted, Krell activated his double-bladed lightsabers and began cutting down his supposed colleagues. After many more clone deaths, the Jedi was stunned and brought into custody. As it turned out, Krell had been colluding with the Separatists the whole time, hoping to join their ranks following the Battle of Umbara. Realising this, Rex sentenced him to death. But before the captain could carry out the execution, Krell was shot dead by his most loyal soldier, Dogma. Not long after, Kenobi’s forces managed to take the planet’s capital, officially ending the bloodshed.

Fun Fact: Later in the Clone Wars, Kix participated in the lengthy Battle for Anaxes, where he worked alongside Commander Cody, Rex, Jesse, and a squad of genetically mutated clones known as “The Bad Batch” to infiltrate the Separatist forces. Together, they were able to uncover why the enemy were able to predict their every move – a plot involving the apparently deceased clone trooper Echo.

Following the Battle for Anaxes, Kix began to doubt the so-called virus fellow clone trooper Tup had contracted, which caused him to shoot dead Jedi Master Tiplar. Eventually, Kix learned of the bio-chip implanted in every clone soldier, which was capable of receiving orders directly from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. However, his investigations did not go unnoticed. Subsequently, before he could warn the Republic and the Jedi, Kix was kidnapped and tortured. Feeling deceived by the trooper, the Separatists loaded him onto the Obrexta III in a cryo-cycle stasis pod to later face Count Dooku. But, as it turned out, Kix would never make it to Serenno. In retaliation, Republic forces attacked the Separatist cruiser as it took off. Without time to raise their shields, the Obrexta faced considerable damage. Concluding that they would never reach Serenno, the crew were forced to make a hyperspace jump to a random destination in the galaxy, where the Republic would have no chance of finding Kix and uncovering the plot to destroy the Jedi Order.

Around fifty standard years later, in a cantina on the desert world of Ponemah Terminal, Delphidian pirate Sidon Ithano and his crew managed to decode a Clone Wars-era transmission, in which a Separatist battle droid desperately emphasised the importance of certain cargo belonging to Count Dooku. Immediately recognising that the signal must have arrived from a crashed Separatist vessel on Ponemah, Ithano and his crew sprung into action. However, they weren’t the only ones looking for a big pay day. As various other pirate gangs and raiders looked to claim the treasure for themselves, a huge battle broke out between Ithano’s crew and the Gray Gundarks. Somehow, Sidon and company managed to defeat their long-time rivals and arrive first at the down Separatist craft. Carefully, the crew navigated their way through narrow corridors to the ship’s vault. However, to their shock, the vault did not contain valuable treasure, rather a cryo-cycle stasis pod containing a sleeping being. That’s right, the crew had discovered Kix, the last remaining clone trooper. With nothing left to lose, Ithano awoke Kix, who seemed startled and shell-shocked as he gasped for air. Immediately, the clone began to explain the danger the Jedi faced, and how he had to warn the Republic. But, due to his panic and confusion, Kix fell unconscious. Three weeks later, still in deep shock over the many revelations since his reawakening, Kix pondered how different the galaxy would feel if he just managed to forewarn the Jedi. However, he realised that history could never be changed. And with that, Kix agreed to join Ithano’s crew, in which he could scour the galaxy and discover new treasures…

Now it’s time for this week’s question: how differently would events have changed if Kix had managed to forewarn the Jedi Order of their planned demise? Let me know in the comments below.

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