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5 Species Rendered Extinct by the Galactic Empire (Legends)

It goes without saying, but any government which builds a moon-sized space station capable of destroying entire planets is an evil one. However, the heinous nature of the Galactic Empire extends beyond killing millions of people just to exert information from a prisoner. Whether it was for stormtrooper training or simply sending a message, the New Order wiped out entire races. So, with that in mind, here are five species rendered extinct by the Galactic Empire.

Number 5. Palmiens

Native to the planet Palme du Tigre, the Palmiens were a very primitive race of humanoids. Taking advantage of this, the Galactic Empire used them as the last test of a stormtrooper training program. Unable to resist the overwhelming and superior Imperial firepower, the Palmiens fell into extinction.

Number 4. Icarii

The near-Human Icarii were yet another species wiped out by soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Despite their unique biology, which allowed them to survive dismemberment and even decapitation, the Vestar natives were eventually destroyed during the so-called Icarii campaign. Under the command of General Nim and Colonel Abal Karda, Lightning Battalion employed a horrific biological agent to eradicate the Icarii after months of vicious fighting, leaving only one survivor. Unfortunately, Selestrine was later killed by Darth Vader.

Number 3. Telfreyan

Native to Telfrey, a planet they shared with Humans, the Telfreyans were a race of green-skinned, sentient humanoids. Due to their proud nature, the Telfreyans rebelled against the Galactic Empire’s occupation of their home system. Responding quickly to the unrest, however, a naval code named Base Delta Zero was utilised by the Empire to wipe out all life on Telfrey, rendering the planet uninhabitable for thousands of years.

Number 2. Tangrene

Adopting a peaceful and nomadic society due to their homeworld’s lack of vegetation and moisture, the Tangrene lived undisturbed until discovery in 5,000 BBY. For the next two thousand years, the Tangrene homeworld existed simply as the terminus of a hyperspace route within the Outer Rim Territories. Unfortunately, during the Galactic Empire’s reign, the Tangrene were enslaved and forced into constructing a defence complex of garrisons and shield generators for an Imperial Intelligence center. Upon completion of the project, to prevent another uprising, the Morshdine sector Imperial Moff decided to massacre the entire planet’s population.

Number 1. Dradan

Like the Tangrene, the Dradan species lived a peaceful existence in the Outer Rim Territories - that was until 1 BBY. Following Order 66, the Dradan offered their homeworld as a place of sanctuary for Jedi Knights fleeing persecution. However, when their pro-Jedi policy was discovered, the Empire retaliated by exterminating the entire species and scorching their planet. As of 1 BBY, only cinders remained…

So, there we have it, five species which were exterminated by the Galactic Empire. Do you know of any more that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed today’s video and want more, then I’ll be sure to make a top 10 extinct species countdown video in the near future.

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