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Ups & Downs From Star Wars Rebels: "Iron Squadron"

Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 8 is out! And it was a pretty good episode. It started off fairly slow, but just like the “Imperial Super Commandos” episode, it built up to an explosive finale. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the ups and downs from “Iron Squadron”.

We kick off today’s video with one of many ups! Like I said, I enjoyed this episode maybe a little too much. Granted, for the first ten minutes or so I had nothing written down, no ups, no downs. That all changed, however, when Mart Mattin refused to accompany the rest of Iron Squadron aboard the Phantom II. The way in which he just closed the blast door - as if to say: “Guys, I got this!” - made him look like a badass. Admittedly, he was nothing but a liability up until that point, and was ridiculously naïve, but to face overwhelming odds on your own like that is kinda cool. Also, his choice to stay behind while his allies fled made him look very heroic.

The next up relates to the Galactic Empire. That’s right, I’m actually giving credit to the Galactic Empire! The end is nigh. So, after watching Imperials be outsmarted, outwitted and outfought by a bunch of adolescents, they came up with a good plan to spring an ambush upon the Ghost. Admiral Konstantine could easily have just blown Mart and his freighter into smithereens. But he didn’t. He monitored the youngster’s transmission to the rebels and cleverly drew back the enemy. It’s just a shame that the Empire got completely owned, which brings us to the third up in a row.

As it turned out, the rebels had an even better plan. That’s right, they disabled the mine from the Iron Squadron’s freighter only to attach it to some cargo that was later dropped on Konstantine’s vessel. Clever stuff. The whole episode felt well done, to be honest, with not only this plan but also the aforementioned Imperial scheme. As a side note, how awesome is Chopper? He begins the episode by basically punching the Iron Squadron’s droid, then he pushes that very same droid out into the vacuum of space so to accomplish the whole mine transportation objective. He just doesn’t give a flying Felucia, and it’s brilliant!

The previous two ups centred around the climactic battle between the rebels and the Empire, so it’s only fitting we also up the battle as a whole. It was action-packed, it felt meaningful, there was a lot on the line, and there were clever plans devised on each side. What more do you want?

Unfortunately, we end today’s recap with a down. For the entire episode, Mart constantly brought up Star Destroyers. So, when an actual Star Destroyer showed up, you thought there would be a big payoff, especially since Thrawn was on board. However, with only a few minutes of the episode left, nothing happened. It felt very underwhelming, as a result. Also, when is Thrawn going to start doing stuff? It seems as if he just hides away on his ship, and then turns up when it’s too late to watch the rebels flee. I half expected him to just destroy what was left of Admiral Konstantine’s vessel, but it wasn’t to be. All I’m saying is: Thrawn, just be more Thrawny.

As clearly displayed by the four ups and one down, “Iron Squadron” was a very enjoyable episode. You could argue it was yet more filler, given the fact nothing much of note happened. However, seeds were planted for future episodes, such as a blossoming relationship between Mart Mattin and his uncle, and a future encounter between June Sato and Thrawn. It will also be interesting to discover how the members of Iron Squadron impact the rebellion. But that’s just my opinion! What did you make of today’s Star Wars Rebels episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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