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Star Wars: Lie Detector – Can You Tell the Difference? #1

The lines between reality and falsehood are easily blurred. But how well can you distinguish between the two? Today I will present the life accounts of five Star Wars characters, some of which are so obscure they fail to possess any images online, while the others are completely made up. So, which characters will have you second guessing, and which will trick you entirely?

Talva Ko'lib – An Unlikely Partnership

Raised on the planet Bothawui during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Talva Ko'lib was a Force Adept with a knowledge of gaining power through social maneuvering. Consequently, he refused to join the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. However, when the Empire established a base on Bothawui and imposed martial law, Talva reluctantly joined the Rebels. Ko’lib was assigned to serve aboard the transport Griffon's Wings, which he used to scout the planet Yorgraxx. Unfortunately, the transport was ambushed by three Imperial Guardian-class light cruisers, forcing it to crash land on the world below. When Talva and the rest of his crew came to, they were approached by two Imperial scouts who were also stranded on Yorgraxx. What followed was rather unexpected. Both sides threw away their imposed hatred for one another to achieve a mutual goal: survival.

Felloux – The Roar of War

As a poet, Felloux composed a poem on the Sith victory at the Battle of Mizra. He detailed how a vast number of Sith Lords plummeted from a sky thick with ash on speeders named after predatory animals, which represented their distinctive personalities. The poem emphasised how the sheer roar from each vehicle drowned out the screams of those left dying on the battlefield. The account was so successful that it and Felloux remained famous throughout the galaxy for over a millennium.

Desson Z’tar – Left Behind

Desson Z’tar met his partner, Keiji, in the Rebel Alliance. However, as skilled as they were, both grew tired of their military lives. After leaving the Rebellion, the two lovebirds vowed to rob an Imperial bank on Coruscant. In the months that followed, Desson and Keiji meticulously planned how they would enter Imperial city, bypass the bank’s guards, disable the alarm, and – most importantly – steal every single credit in sight. When the day came, as the two prepared to jump from their craft, Desson began to doubt the heist. However, Keiji reassured him that everything would go to plan. They skydived to a rooftop below, where Keiji scouted six tough-looking body guards. But most were soon subdued by a cloaked Desson, while the rest followed a decoy of his partner. He then navigated to the bank’s prized vault as Keiji stayed behind to hack the surveillance system. Unfortunately, as Desson gazed upon the vault’s massive door, he heard screams from his partner’s comlink. The guards had reappeared, and they had back up. Keiji ordered Desson to leave her behind, though, to take the credits and live a rewarding life. Very reluctantly, Desson complied.

Ley Neetels – The Discovery of a Lifetime

Ley Neetels was a Jedi who lived around three thousand years before the reign of the Galactic Empire. As a member of the Pa'lowick species, Neetels perceived the Force as a harmony of musical tones emanating throughout the galaxy. As a result, Ley sought balance in the Force by discovering new worlds. While investigating the planet Jerrilek, the space explorer felt a familiar musical sensation through the Force. Neetels perceived it to be an undiscovered location in the galaxy’s deep core, and so ventured through hyperspace with the Force as a guide. The musical tones led Ley to the world of Tython, along with the moons of Ashla and Bogan. Left abandoned for several centuries due to collapsed hyperlanes, the traveller had rediscovered the ancient birth place of the Je'daii Order and its successor, the Jedi Order.

Pedrovia – Winning and Losing

In her prime, Pedrovia ranked as one of the galaxy’s greatest podracers. While her opponents bashed and destroyed one another for supremacy, Pedrovia utilised speed and acceleration to cross the finishing line first. In fact, she’d often establish an early lead, leaving her fellow racers in the dust. Consequently, the Hutts betted heavily upon a first-place finish for Pedrovia in the Boonta Eve Classic of 1 BBY. The race itself began like most others, with Pedrovia establishing an early lead. She zipped around each tight corner, dodged the ever-unwelcoming Tusken Raiders, and looked to be headed for another big win. Matters took a turn for the worse, however, on the final lap. As Pedrovia raced towards the finishing line, her pod’s control panel lit up, indicating something was terribly wrong. She tried to ignore the flashing lights as much as she could, sensing that victory was only a fingertip away. Moments later, her craft cut out completely. Despite her best and frantic efforts, her pod was left inanimate as every other racer passed her by. Left in the dust herself, Pedrovia finished, by default, in last place. It was said that the Hutts had a talk with her afterwards. It must have been a long one as no one saw Pedrovia ever again…

So, which characters do you rightfully believe to be real, and which have I completely made up? Let’s begin with Talva Ko'lib, the Bothan Force Adept who joined the Rebel Alliance, only to later find himself in league with Imperial scouts. This story sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s completely legitimate. In fact, the unlikely alliance later discovered a Sith fortress on Yorgraxx, where they encountered the Sith spirit Quorlac Fornayh. Now, what about Felloux the poet? It seems plausible, right? That’s because he did compose a poem on the Sith victory at the Battle of Mizra, which stayed relevant up until 36 ABY. Let’s look at the third character, Desson, who left his criminal partner and love interest behind to live a life of luxury. Is Desson real? Not a chance. The story of Desson and Keiji was inspired by Kasumi and her partner from the Mass Effect universe. Moving on to Ley, the space explorer who discovered the ancient birthplace of the Jedi Order. If you thought this character was false you’d be wrong. The story is one hundred percent authentic. That leaves us with Pedrovia the champion podracer, whose fate was seemingly sealed by a busted craft and very angry Hutts. It seems a bit farfetched, doesn’t it? It does bear no truth at all, to be fair. So, were you able to perceive the truth, or have lies fooled you? Let me know how you scored in the comments below.

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