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Star Wars Lore - Commander Neyo


CC-8826, who became known as “Neyo”, was a highly-skilled clone trooper placed in command of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. However, he was known for having a disturbingly cold personality, which was on full display during Order 66…

Destined to loyally serve the Grand Army of the Republic, unit 8826 enrolled in the experimental clone commander training program. He and ninety-nine other clones quickly became elite soldiers, all while developing unique personalities. Encouraged by Alpha 17’s unorthodox training methods, which allowed for free thought and expression, 8826 adopted the nickname “Neyo” and developed a disturbingly morbid and cold personality. It didn’t take long for Neyo to graduate from the training program. Upon doing so, he was rewarded command over the 91st Reconnaissance Corps – a division of elite troopers initially led by Jedi General Adi Gallia, before being replaced by Stass Allie.

Fun Fact: Throughout the Clone Wars, Neyo maintained a close relationship with fellow clone commander Bacara. Both worked closely to develop and test the Republic’s newly-invented BARC speeders.


Aside from leading fellow clone troopers on the battlefield, Commander Neyo was intrusted to monitor key Republic strategic briefings. One such meeting occurred around 20 BBY in one of the Jedi Temple’s communication rooms. Despite turning up late, due to WAC-47’s lack of hearing, Neyo and his corps’ droid learned of a Colonel Meebur Gascon led D-Squad mission. Later, the commander attended another strategy conference, this time aboard the Valor space station in the Carida system. However, while Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, as well as Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin, discussed the ongoing war effort, the Separatists prepared a sinister attack. They heavily equipped a Venator-class Star Destroyer with rhydonium, and sent it hurling towards the space station. Thankfully, D-Squad managed to intercept the attack, saving the many Republic lives.


In 19 BBY, during the Outer Rim Sieges, the 91st Reconnaissance Corps accompanied Jedi General Oppo Rancisis to the Separatist-controlled planet Saleucami. During the five-month-long operation, Neyo worked alongside fellow clone commanders Faie and Bly to destroy the Separatist’s Nikto Morgukai warrior cloning facilities. Following the Republic victory on Saleucami, Stass Allie, Neyo and his men continued to serve on the planet, flushing out any remaining Separatist forces.


However, while routinely patrolling the planes of Saleucami, Neyo received Order 66 directly from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. At that moment, the commander and one of his troopers dropped behind Stass Allie’s racing speeder bike to unleash a sea of friendly fire. The Jedi General was immediately killed. Shortly after Order 66, the Galactic Republic was reorganised into the Galactic Empire.


Neyo and his men morphed into stormtroopers, as a result. And due to his loyalty, Neyo continued to serve as a commander in the new Imperial Army…

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