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The History and Significance of Jedha – Rogue One Talk

This December, Rogue One will introduce us to at least one new planet - that being the beautiful tropical paradise of Scarif. However, despite being a vital construction facility for the Galactic Empire, the planet doesn’t appear to boast as much importance as a certain moon. No, I’m not talking about the Death Star, rather the newly-introduced Jedha. But why is Jedha so important? Well, let’s find out!

Located in the galaxy’s Inner Rim, in a system of the same name, Jedha was a small desert moon with an extremely cold climate due to a permanent winter. Jedha’s significance lies in both its history and naturally occurring resources. Firstly, the ancient world was host to one of the first civilisations to explore the nature of the Force, and was considered to be a spiritual home of the Jedi. As a result, some scholars rebuffed claims that the first Jedi Temple was built on either Ossus, Coruscant, Tython, or Ahch-To, in favour of Jedha. Whether such a claim was true or not, the moon became a holy land for those seeking spiritual guidance, attracting pilgrims from across the galaxy. Among those were worshipers of the Church of the Force, an underground faith which utilised the moon’s Temple of the Whills. Aside from its spiritual past, Jedha was rich in kyber crystals. As they were a fundamental component for lightsaber construction, and due to their ability to power the Death Star, the Galactic Empire sought to obtain as many kyber crystals as they could, in the wake of Order 66. The successor state of the Galactic Republic occupied Jedha, consequently, ruling its streets with patrols of stormtroopers, Imperial Assault Hovertanks, and AT-STs. This leads us to Rogue One.

From all the promotional material for Rogue One, we know that Imperial-turned-Rebel pilot Bodhi Rook, the blind warrior monk Chirrut Îmwe and his freelance assassin friend Baze Malbus grow tired of the Empire’s rule on the moon, and so join veteran Saw Gerrera and his band of Rebel extremists known as the Partisans. From their hidden bunker on Jedha, they continually and brutally strike out against the Empire. However, following a mission to secure one of the group’s members, the Partisans work alongside Rebel soldiers Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso to steal plans to the Death Star. At some point, the Empire’s deep-space mobile battle station fires its superlaser upon the desert moon. But despite its ability to destroy entire planets, the Death Star doesn’t seem to operate at full power during the events of Rogue One, so we’ll just have to wait until mid-December to discover Jedha’s fate…

So, what do you expect from Jedha in Rogue One? And how excited are you for the film itself? Let me know in the comments below.

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