• Mattie Stu

Ups & Downs From Star Wars Rebels: “An Inside Man"

Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 10 is out! And it was very good! Aside from its incredible action, there were important plot reveals and setup for future instalments. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the ups and downs from “An Inside Man”.

It didn’t take long for this episode to gain an up, due to the action-packed beginning. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Ryder Azadi tilted his speeder so Ezra and Kanan could slice the Imperial walker’s legs with their lightsabers, aiding their escape. That moment was not only unique, it was incredibly awesome, too!

Continuing with the ups; how awesome was Thrawn in this episode? I feel like I am just repeating myself every two or so weeks, but his callousness and ruthlessness was further displayed during “An Inside Man”. Exhibit A: he forced Morad Sumar to “test” the Imperial speeder bike. Exhibit B: he forced Morad Sumar to continue using the Imperial speeder bike even though it was clearly malfunctioning. Not only that, Morad was killed! Now, I’m not celebrating the fact the character was killed off, but I am praising it. Look, how many times have we watched a Rebels episode feeling like there was nothing at stake, as if no one hero could ever die? Admittedly, Sumar wasn’t a major character, but his untimely and unexpected death still felt impactful.

Kallus is Fulcrum! I know, I’m a genius… what, did you not watch my review of “The Antilles Extraction”? Anyway, the reveal adds an extra layer to his character and will hopefully conclude a satisfying character arch. For example, he began the series as a loyal Imperial who hated the Lothal Rebels, which slowly dissipated as time wore on. Now, Kallus sympathises with the heroes and realises he’s fighting for the wrong side. I personally really like this transformation, so count this as an up. And you can also count him being Force pushed through a glass pane an up, as well! Talk about taking one for the team. Everything about that scene was perfect; from the way he fell to the argument between Kanan and Ezra over who should have been the one to execute the Force push. It was easily the highlight of the episode.

The final up for today goes to the Galactic Empire. Yes… you did hear that right, and it’s for good reason: they used their initiative! What am I talking about? Well, Kanan and Ezra thought they were outsmarting the AT-AT pilots by maneuvering around their colleagues’ walker. However, they were soon fooled themselves as the colleagues in question decided to just crush them. Unfortunately, their genius plan never paid off, but points for effort. I feel like the Imperials are getting smarter! Who knows, with the right training, maybe stormtroopers can become formidable opponents… oh, wait… never mind…

As displayed by the six ups and no downs, “An Inside Man” was a really good episode. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t faultless by any means – nothing is! But it was filled with action, it gave us a very intriguing plot twist/reveal, we got to see more of Thrawn being a badass, and there was plenty of set up for future instalments. At the end of the previous review, I expressed my desire for this week’s entry to deliver the goods, and it sure did, officially ending the string of filler episodes. But what do you think? Did you enjoy “An Inside Man”? Let me know in the comments below.

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