• Mattie Stu

K-2SO’s Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Senate prohibited the creation of battle droids. Despite this, Arakyd Industries managed to bypass these restrictions simply by labelling their KX-series as security droids for Imperial facilities. Their programming, as a result, included built-in exceptions to the usual hard-coded restrictions against harming organic beings. However, each unit could communicate competently with organics, though not as well as protocol droids. Arakyd engineers spent a great deal of time constructing the KX-series’ frame, pouring over every little detail to achieve a level of mobility unsurpassed by most human athletes. While exaggerated limbs allowed for longer strides, adding to their giant size of 2.16 meters, complex gyro-balance systems helped keep each upright when running and changing direction. KX droids had built-in behavioural inhibitors and fail-safes in their memory banks, meaning K-2SO may be the only example of one that was successfully reprogrammed.

Manufactured on Vulpter, twelve years before the events of Rogue One, K-2SO's personality was successfully reformatted by Cassian Andor, an accomplished Alliance Intelligence officer. However, while his work eliminated many of Arakyd Industries' presets, K harboured an unwelcoming side effect: blunt honesty and stark observations with every assessment. Regardless, the decision to reprogram the security droid paid off, as K-2SO could perform a multitude of tasks, ranging from target neutralisation and defending key personnel to communicating with superiors. In fact, K featured a built-in communication booster, allowing him to scan and access standard Imperial communication frequencies. Despite this, Cassian would often disallow such meddling, as “electronic footprints” could expose their undercover operations. K-2SO's versatility derived from Arakyd Industries' preference to multifunctional models instead of the widely preferred and more profitable specialist droids. Consequently, K could wield blasters with his humanoid shape, operate a wide variety of tools with his dextrous manipulators, and carry gear tirelessly with his durable frame. In addition, programmed with specifications for more than 40 Imperial transport vessels, he was a capable pilot.

Looking more closely at his components, K-2SO was equipped with a logic computer, photoreceptor units, a vocabulator, a comm package, a recharge port, an olfactory sensor, a primary programming port access door, a concealed data spike in each fist, shock-absorbing femoral struts, and articulated ring joints and servo-drivers with reinforcement.

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