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4 Star Wars Christmas Characters (Legends)

Despite its location in a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars universe is not all that different to our very own. Granted we don't have the Force or lightsabers... yet, but the similarities are endless! And this even extends to Christmas! In addition to the almost annual Life Day, in which Wookiees would exchange gifts, sing songs, and launch fireworks, there are many Christmas related races and people. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at four Star Wars Christmas characters.

Number 04. The Nutcracker

As we've already established, Life Day was basically the Star Wars equivalent of Christmas. So, to celebrate the festive periods, the developers of online video game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures added in a unique purchasable outfit. The costume was essentially phase I clone trooper armour decorated with blue, red, yellow, and green holiday markings to resemble the Nutcracker.

Number 03. Angels

While we might find an ornamental angel atop our Christmas trees here on Earth, living, breathing Angels could be found in the galaxy far, far away, on the planet Iego and the largest of its many moons. That's right! The Diathim were beautiful, slender and winged female creatures, with milky white skin, blonde hair, grey eyes and long limbs. And, to no surprise, they were incredibly mysterious beings. In fact, large portions of their history were never recorded.

Number 02. Elves

While the Diathim solely represented an angel-like species in the Star Wars universe, there were many races with elfish qualities. The most notable of which is the Sephi – a species of sentient humanoids with long, pointed ears, narrow waistlines, and slender fingers. What’s more, the race had an average lifespan of over 200 years. However, perhaps the most remarkable elf of all time was not a Sephi, rather a near-Human. Despite being centuries-old, Jedi Master Fay retained a youthful appearance due to her intensely strong connection to the Force. Having said that, she believed her destiny lay away from teaching. As a result, she spent hundreds of years roaming the Outer Rim worlds, following wherever the Force guided her. This allowed Fay to resolve many conflicts, and even end entire wars. Her exploits became known throughout the Jedi Order for generations to come, cementing Fay as one of the greatest Jedi Masters ever. Not bad for an elf.

Number 01. Santa Claus

Yes! You heard correct. As it turns out, Santa Claus is not exclusive to the Milky Way. In fact, the loveable gift bearer surfaced on three separate occasions in the galaxy far, far away: once in 3963 BBY in the dining establishment Goodvalor's Little Bivoli, another time as one of Yoda’s species, and later as a member of the Rebel Alliance stationed on the Independence star cruiser. Admittedly, the latter example is yet another Easter Egg, supplied by the computer game Star Wars X: Wing. When the date is set to December 25 on the collector’s CD ROM version, Santa Claus appears on the aforementioned Alliance flagship. Whether or not you believe Santa Claus to be canon in the Legends universe, I think we can all agree that delivering presents to a galaxy 100,000 lightyears in distance on a single night would be very troublesome. I mean, I thought our very own Mr Claus had it tough. But space Santa is really showing him up!

So, there we have it: 4 Star Wars Christmas characters. Were there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below. Also, which Star Wars personnel would you invite over for the special day and why? I can’t wait to hear your answers! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. And even if you don’t celebrate the holiday itself, I hope you have an awesome day nonetheless.

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