• Mattie Stu

Death Troopers – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

Named after a rumoured Advanced Weapons Research project, designed to animate necrotic tissue, Death Troopers were elite soldiers who defended the most important operations and operatives within the Imperial military hierarchy. In particular, they protected officers of the Tarkin Initiative – the secret think tank behind the development of the Death Star. As a result, Director Orson Krennic was rarely seen without them by his side. Only the most physically gifted and skilled stormtroopers were considered for the elite unit. In fact, every minute detail, such as height and weight, was evaluated to select the most rigid specimens. Furthermore, following reassignment to an advanced training camp, death troopers faced classified medical procedures to enhance their abilities, making them faster and stronger than regular stormtroopers.

In addition to their rigorous training in heavy weapons, sniper rifles, and unarmed combat, the superhuman soldiers equipped plastoid coated armour sprayed with a polymer named reflec, which warped the most common electromagnetic signals used in passive sensor arrays. Consequently, death troopers were harder to detect, making them perfect for stealth missions. Their gear was also an improvement on the mass-produced stormtrooper kit. For example, more sophisticated sensing apparatus ensured complete situational awareness of combat arenas, allies and enemies. Taking a closer look at their environmentally sealed bodysuits, death troopers wielded an integrated multi-frequency targeting and acquisition system, exhaust filters, a vocoder speaker, image-intensifying active pulse emitters, a featureless pauldron to denote specialist status through trooper visors, an IM-40 three-slot ammunition and tool pouch, Merr-Sonn Munitions fragmentation grenades, compressed baradium thermal detonators, a BlasTech SE-14r light repeating blaster pistol, and a heavy blaster rifle.

Now it's time for this week's question: from Rogue One, do you feel death troopers are really badass, elite soldiers? Let me know in the comments below.

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