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Star Wars Lore – The Rise of Shae Vizla (Legends)

As an extremely skilled bounty hunter with a disdain for Jedi, Shae Vizla naturally fell into the ranks of the Sith Empire as they emerged from over a millennium of absence. However, the Mandalorian warrior came to dislike war, feeling that random killing just wasn't exciting enough. As a result, Vizla defected from the Empire to lead her people, gaining her the title of Mandalore the Avenger...

The Great Galactic War

Like many bounty hunters before her, Shae Vizla harboured no moral compass or any care for her employers' goals. Only one thing in life truly mattered to the Mandalorian warrior: credits. However, following the Sith Empire’s return from more than a millennium of absence, Vizla joined their fight against the Galactic Republic. It didn’t take long for Shae to acclimate to her new surroundings. In fact, due her many talents, she was often employed for high risk operations, including an assault on the peaceful Core World of Alderaan. Under the command of Darth Malgus, hundreds of Sith warriors and several thousand assault droids launched a devastating attack upon the arboreal world, taking Alderaan’s royal family hostage, in the process. Despite their overwhelming firepower, though, a swift Republic counterattack held off the Imperials. To make matters worse, Jedi Knight Satele Shan heavily wounded Malgus. But, thanks in part to Vizla, the Sith Lord lived to fight another day.

Three years later, Shae was tasked with assaulting a Republic political envoy. Unfortunately, in doing so, her brother was slain by Jedi Master Aurei Eadon. The Mandalorian mercenary challenged the Jedi to a duel, seeking revenge, but Eadon refused. As a result, Vizla developed a deep hatred for the Jedi and their order.

The Sacking of Coruscant

In 3653 BBY, nearly thirty years into the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire conjured a menacing plot. While delegates from both sides met on Alderaan to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict, Imperial forces prepared to attack the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Vizla jumped at the opportunity to deal a massive blow to the Jedi. So, as Darth Malgus and his Twi'lek attendant, Eleena Daru, approached the Temple's entrance, Vizla made her way to the structure's ziggurat to offer sniper support. Once inside, Malgus and Daru were quickly joined by fifty Sith warriors, resulting in a massive duel between both sides of the Force. Shae used the commotion to her advantage, in a race to reach the security grid mainframe. Her task wasn't without its problems. However, after slaying several members of the Temple Security Force, she managed to lower Coruscant's defence grid. This allowed the Sith fleet, commanded by Darth Angral, to begin a planet-wide attack on Coruscant.

Mandalore the Avenger

Over a decade after the Sacking of Coruscant, Vizla retired from Imperial service on Rishi, though she continued to lead her clan. In the years that followed, Vizla and her followers had many dealings with the Nova Blades. That was until the pirate gang's involvement with the Order of Revan, which forced Vizla's clan to another island. Shae was later confronted by Republic forces, who demanded information on the Revanites. Vizla only agreed to reveal information if they could best her in a duel, which they achieved. However, she later travelled to Yavin 4 to assist the allied Imperial and Republic forces in their quest to topple Revan. Thanks to the legendary bounty hunter, Revan was defeated.

Sometime after the events on Yavin 4, the Eternal Empire revealed itself to the galaxy. The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire simply couldn't compete with the dominant government, forcing both to concede defeat. Despite this, the galaxy, especially the Mandalorians, refused to bow to the Eternal Throne. There was only one problem: the faction was leaderless. However, Shae was elected to fill the role, and was christened as “the Avenger” - a title Vizla reluctantly accepted. With every Mandalorian clan behind her, Mandalore the Avenger began to fight back against the Eternal Empire...

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