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Cassian Andor's Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

As a devastating and far-reaching conflict, the Clone Wars effected billions across the galaxy. Even children became involved, as both sides drew more and more planets into disarray. One such youngster was the Fest native Cassian Jeron Andor, who, following the death of his father at the Carida military academy during a protest against the expansion of Republic militarism, joined a Confederacy-backed insurrectionist cell. Though not a formal Separatist, he would often throw rocks and bottles at clone troopers and Republic walkers. As a result, Cassian quickly realised that even the most advanced combat machinery could be crippled by cunning sabotage. While the Clone Wars came to an end in 19 BBY, Andor's rebellious streak continued. In fact, his draw to anarchist movements that continued to defy Imperial decree caught the eye of General Draven. The fledgling Rebel Alliance relied heavily upon covert operatives to halt Imperial operations. Due to his years of law-bending, Cassian was perfect for these discreet acts of sabotage, espionage and assassination. Unfortunately, working for the Operations department of the Alliance Intelligence was near-suicide. The odds of an agent surviving twenty field missions were only twenty-three percent. What's more, Andor knew from experience the harsh reality of Imperial Interrogation. This made him highly disciplined, with a deep respect for not only his superiors, but also the need for secrets to be kept from field agents. At the age of twenty-six, Cassian had operated under a multitude of different aliases, including Willix, a government agent on Ord Mantell, Aach, a senatorial contact on Darknell, Joreth Sward, an assistant to Imperial Admiral Grendreef, and Fulcrum, a recruitment agent in the Albarrio sector. Despite his extensive undercover and combat field experience, however, Andor was transferred to the Rebel Alliance's Retrieval department, to free Jyn Erso from prison and lead the search for Saw Gerrera and Galen Erso.

Taking a closer look at his equipment and clothing, Cassian donned military fatigues, compressed eleton blaster gas ampoules, a BlasTech A280-CFE featuring modular construction, allowing a core pistol to reconfigure into a sniper or an assault rifle, a Corellian-cut field jacket, a personal identifier transponder, which concealed a “lullaby” suicide pill, and pips to denote the rank of captain, with surrounding circles of colour to indicate army service.

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