• Mattie Stu

A Year Ago Today: Finn's Backstory - SW: The Force Awakens Lore

The man who would become known as Finn was born around seven years after the Battle of Endor. He had no recollection of his childhood as he was he was taken by the First Order, trained to become a stormtrooper. Finn only ever had one name during his time with the post Galactic Empire faction, his designation: FN-2187. Although he was taught about the evil ways of the Republic and how the First Order "brought laws to a lawless galaxy", 2187 never truly fitted in with the other stormtroopers, he was just too different. Welcome to part 1 of Finn's life story, today we will be looking at his training in the First Order and how exactly he began doubting his future with the faction.

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