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Why Jedi Were Cremated – Star Wars FAQ (Legends)

A Jedi funeral, by definition, was the cremation of a Jedi who fell in battle. With the exception to bodies left in extreme environments, or those who simply vanished upon passing away, a Jedi's body would be engulfed in flames to form ashes. But why? Why was cremation preferred to burial? Well, let's find out!

Cremation in the galaxy far, far away was actually the preferred funeral practice. Speculation pointed towards the overwhelming population of worlds. However, rather than simply save space, the reason for cremation came down to cultural and religious reasons. For example, the people of Naboo cremated corpses within two days of passing away in order to return their spirit to the planet. Unfortunately, during the Galactic Civil War, Imperial control on Corellia made it difficult to return the bodies of those who had fallen offworld. The residue of cremated Corellian exiles, as a result, was often compressed into synthetic diamonds, which were then taken to the Corellian Sanctuary. So, why were Jedi cremated? Was it also a consequence of culture? Or were Jedi burned to ashes to set their Force spirit free? Well, the answer's simple: honour. Rather than burying them under six feet of dirt, Jedi were cremated to set their essence free, so they could become one with the Force. It was essentially symbolism of their allegiance to the light side of the Force: while the bodies of Sith were sealed within dark tombs, Jedi were engulfed in light. It is worth noting, though, that cremation had nothing to do with the creation of Force ghosts, as that particular skill was achieved through a Force technique.

So, in short, fallen Jedi were honoured by cremation, allowing their essence to roam free. If you have a question about the Star Wars universe that you would like answered in this series, then leave a comment down below.

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