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Star Wars Lore – Clone Assassins (Legends)

Commissioned and created exclusively for Order 66, clone assassins could easily destroy most Jedi. They achieved such through rigorous training in an ancient martial art, and by equipping lethal vibro-blades...


Clone assassins were commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine through the Galactic Senate, so to protect the Republic in the event of a Jedi uprising. Soon thereafter, Kaminoan cloners began work on troopers whose skill rivalled that of a Jedi. As a result, clone assassins were trained in the martial art of Teräs Käsi, an unarmed combat discipline designed to overcome Force-users. They also came equipped with twin vibro-blades, which extended from their elbows, blaster pistols, sniper rifles and slightly modified Phase II clone trooper armour. Despite this, they could still perform highly dextrous attacks. Each assassin honed their skills by duelling Jedi Padawans and trainees. This boosted their flexibility and mental fortitude a great deal, so much so that they could dodge or parry most lightsaber strikes and withstand Jedi mind tricks. Unfortunately, while a squad of clone assassins could easily defeat a Jedi Knight, they were no match for Jedi Masters.

Order 66

In 19 BBY, amidst Order 66, clone assassins were deployed to exterminate every single Padawan, Knight and Master within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Alongside the 501st Legion, they easily and quickly thwarted any Jedi resistance. Partway through the massacre, Darth Vader assigned six clone assassins to protect the Temple's communication center, where he had deployed a message to lure stray Jedi to Coruscant. The plan worked, for the most part. Unfortunately, Jedi Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi deemed the transmission to be an obvious trap. As a result, Kenobi made his way to the communication center. He was immediately cornered by the stationed clone assassins, who offered a great deal of resistance. However, they were eventually bested by the Jedi Master...

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