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Admiral Raddus' Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

Raddus was born 65 years before the Battle of Yavin in the polar regions of Mon Cala. Those who hailed from the watery world's darkest and coldest depths were said to have thicker blood than their more colourful tropical neighbours, a rumour Raddus was all too happy to let spread. After all, the Mon Calamari's tough upbringing forged him into a pragmatic and brave leader. As a result, Raddus joined Mon Cala's planetary defence, before becoming the mayor of Nystullum, an underwater city beneath the northern ice floes of the planet. Unfortunately, his reign was cut short by the Galactic Empire's occupation of Mon Cala. Despite their peaceful demeanour, however, the Mon Calamari possessed harsh lessons from the Clone Wars, and weren't prepared to sit idly by while their homeworld faced cruel subjugation. The Empire's underestimation of the race proved costly when entire structures which they mistook for city buildings launched into the depths of space. The Profundity, under the command of Raddus, was one such vessel to escape the Empire's grasp. With that, Raddus transitioned from a mayor into an Admiral.

With a motley fleet consisting of Hammerhead corvettes, Dornean gunships, Alderaanian cruisers and Gallofree resupply transports, and despite primarily focussing their resources on powerful starfighters, the Rebel Alliance gladly accepted the Mon Calamari's unorthodox vessels. In fact, in deep-space facilities of the remote Telaris star system, rebels happily helped convert each transport and passenger liner into deadly capital ships. In his new role, Raddus wasn't one to fuel chatter of freedom, justice and other matters of philosophy which drove the Alliance into combat. He also grew impatient with the rebel council's attempts at negotiation with the Empire. Raddus simply wanted to fight; he wasn't afraid to stare down the might of the Imperial Starfleet. Consequently, he jumped at the opportunity to assist the Rogue One team in their quest to retrieve the Death Star plans, even if it meant almost certain death. Taking a closer look at his clothing and features, Admiral Raddus equipped a sealed and coded datapad with mission orders, chromatosphoric skin to act like camouflage, a fleet flagship service uniform jerkin, a civic crest to mark his past role in planetary defense, and dense insulation-like flesh to protect ocular circulation.

As mentioned earlier, the Profundity was the civic government tower of Nystullum, before becoming one of the first war-converted cruisers ready for combat. As a result, much of the crew consisted of the city's defence staff, including Mon Calamari aides Caitken and Shollan, who would perform any task for their former mayor with bustling efficiency. The Profundity's former life was quickly disremembered. For example, what was once an enormous civic atrium in the vessel's hull was hollowed out and converted into a docking bay and starship service area, which were managed by service lifts. The massive void did become a vulnerable area in the Profundity's structure. However, a magnetic containment field maintained oxygen and pressure in the hollow, while overlapping deflector shields resisted enemy fire. Another notable aesthetic of the Profundity was its blade-like fins, which extended from the tapered hull. They served two purposes. Firstly, the deliberate design choice was meant to trigger deeply coded fears of predatory fish in Mon Calamari. And secondly, the dorsal mast housed sensors and transmission towers, alerting Admiral Raddus to the ever-swaying tides of battle.

At a height of 435.56m and length of 1,204.44m, the Profundity was massive. Furthermore, it possessed 20 point defence laser cannons, 12 broadside turbolaser cannons, 4 heavy ion cannons, 12 proton torpedo launchers and 6 tractor beam projectors. However, that is simply scratching the surface when it comes to the capital ship's features, as the Profundity utilised a heat dissipating engineering structure, an armoured collar which held primary weapons and shield generators, an ordnance pod, an armoured outrigger fin to hold the command bridge and receiver array, a hangar traffic control suite, a tractor beam projector port, an armoured forward hull that concealed redundant deflector shield projectors, a reinforced battleship hull, a weapon collar modification emplaced during refitting, a dorsal communications transmission mast, an aft deflector shield emitter array, an engineering plane with sublight drive shroud, and 12 repurposed Kuat Drive Yards Gemon-15 sublight ion thrusters.

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