• Mattie Stu

Commentators Wanted!

TheCancrizans is on the hunt for commentators! Do you think you have what it takes, i.e an awesome and clear voice? And are you a reliable worker, who wouldn't hesitate to meet deadlines? If so, commentate the below paragraph and send the audio recording to thecancrizans@gmail.com

This is your chance to become part of TheCancrizans and spread Star Wars lore across the internet. Initially, the work will be unpaid, but that will change as time progresses. Furthermore, it will give you an immense opportunity to advertise your very own channel, regardless of its content. Good luck, and may the best commentators win!

Example Paragraph

Despite his impatient attitude towards droids, due to their limited intelligence, General Grievous was assigned MagnaGuards by Count Dooku. The Separatist Leader commissioned Holowan Mechanicals to develop cutting-edge warriors who would match the cyborg's standards. Upon activation, Grievous chopped down all present MagnaGuards out of protest. However, the remaining droids were personally trained by Grievous in all seven of the classic lightsaber combat forms. Such practice often left the MagnaGuards damaged, making them more intimidating to opponents.