• Mattie Stu

Two Tubes' Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

Edrio and Benthic were born in 32 BBY on Yar Togna, the homeworld of the Tognath. With genetic ties to the Kel Dor and Gand, this evolutionarily ancient species combined both insectoid and mammalian traits, giving them both endo- and exoskeletons. However, such an unusual biological balance came with many drawbacks. For example, Tognath eyes required artificial lenses to better process the spectrum. Furthermore, the species fitted cybernetic enhancers into recesses on their scalps to better maintain their hearing and sense of balance. They also possessed a high threshold for pain, making them immune to torture. On rare occasions, Tognath eggs grafted together while in their suspension jelly, forming what were known as “eggmates”. Sharing an unbreakable bond, Edrio and Benthic were one such example. Most considered them to be brothers, as a result, and some even fell for their supposedly rudimentary exhibits of telepathy. Unfortunately, Imperial occupation of Yar Togna forced the duo to flee as refugees. Away from their homeworld, Edrio and Benthic donned breathing apparatuses so to operate in human-standard atmospheres. This awarded them the bluntly descriptive moniker of “Two-Tubes”.

With a desire to strike back at the Empire, Two Tubes joined a militarist insurrectionist group known as the Partisans. Despite the extreme and violent methods of its leader, Clone Wars veteran Saw Gerrera, both Tognath immediately acclimated to their new surroundings. In fact, despite possessing no formal rank, Benthic operated at the same level as a rebel Lieutenant. While his eggmate fulfilled duties as a spotter and sniper, Edrio flew among Gerrera's Cavern Angels, a squadron of six X-wing pilots who operated out of the Cadera Catacombs of Jedha. Members of which usually swapped parts between semi-functional fighters to construct one or two reliable vessels. Despite his role, however, Edrio was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making him just as deadly on ground as he was in air...

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