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Star Wars Top 10: Species You Would NOT Expect to be Force-Sensitive (Legends)

The galaxy far, far away is filled with unique creatures and unusual species, from monkey-lizards to tiny, furry bears. While most seem completely harmless, some are not to be trusted! You see, the Force operates in mysterious ways, making those who appear completely inept extremely powerful beings. However, such an occurrence is not exclusive to individuals. That's right, there are plenty of unsuspecting races who are predominantly Force-sensitive. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 10 species you would NOT expect to be Force-sensitive.

Number 10. Neti

Just edging out the Jungle Felucians at the number 10 spot is a species of shapeshifting sentient plants. Yes, the Neti came equipped with bark-like skin, multiple thin branching arms, areas of foliage and thick trunk-bodies. Furthermore, they survived through photosynthesis, giving them a lifespan of several thousand years. Perhaps the Neti's greatest trait, however, was their connection to the Force, as every single member of the race was Force-sensitive. As a result, many Neti served as powerful Jedi Masters and Sith, such as Garnoo, Ood Bnar, T'ra Saa and Dail'Liss.

Number 09. Aing-Tii

On the surface, the Aing-Tii may have looked like secretive alien monks, but behind their plates of white bone lay extremely versatile and Force-sensitive beings. Granted, most of their species considered the Force to be sacred and something not to be meddled with. However, when utilised, the Aing-Tii could instantaneously move objects, such as 300-meter-long-vessels, from one location to another, a skill unmatched by even the most powerful Jedi and Sith. Despite this, the Aing-Tii taught non-Force-sensitives to use such a skill, believing that every single being could manipulate the mystical energy field. If that wasn't awesome enough, the alien monks were also known to flow-walk. By surrendering their emotions to the Force, centring themselves in its flow, they were able to transcend time itself. Consequently, the Aing-Tii could observe events in the past or future.

Number 08. Fairfolk

The Fairfolk were essentially floating Jawas... There's something about that description which doesn't quite scream out Force-sensitive! Nonetheless, these small, cloaked figures were strong Force-users, so much so that Darth Vader employed several of the Fairfolk to lure Luke Skywalker to the dark side. To do so, they established a psychic link between the Dantooine-bound Jedi and his father, who was stationed aboard the Star Destroyer Conqueror. Unfortunately, the arrival of Leia Organa freed Luke from the Fairfolk's trance.

Number 07. Gesarils

Even smaller than the Fairfolk, the Gesarils were two-meter-tall, six-limbed, shaggy furred creatures, born with an affinity for the Force. While Force-sensitivity ranged in intensity between members of the race, they could all utilise telepathy and telekinesis. Furthermore, the Gesarils frequently carved wood, using their Force powers to imbue each mask and statue with their own psychic energy, allowing future owners of the art to feel the exact same emotions of the Gesaril as they worked.

Number 06. Yrashu

Indigenous to Baskarn, the Yrashu were technologically primitive sapient beings, with an open-mind due to their surprising connection to the Force. In fact, save for the Low Ones tribe, they were a very tolerant and gentle species, and generally did not kill. That fact changed, however, during the Battle of Baskarn. Sensing its ties to the dark side of the Force, the Yrashu instinctively fought the Galactic Empire, resulting in a victory for the Rebel Alliance.

Number 05. Tempestro

Thus far we've detailed Force-sensitive gerbils and gorillas, so naturally, it's time to look at Force-wielding pterodactyls! That's right, the Tempestro were winged reptilians with elongated heads, small eyes and pointed beaks. To no surprise, they failed to construct advanced mechanical technologies. However, they did master the Force. As a result, the Tempestro formed a spiritual society, and possessed near-complete control over their world. They were also very proud and gentle beings, just like the Yrashu.

Number 04. Amphi-Hydrus

Edging past dinosaurs to reach the number four spot are the Amphi-Hydrus, a frog-like species native to Dac. They were naturally telepathic, which is strange enough. Stranger, though, is that they tapped into the dark side of the Force, giving them control of rancors to cause devastating destruction. Their rampage was eventually brought to an end by the Galactic Empire's arrival on Dac. The Amphi-Hydrus were forced to once more become swamp dwellers, as a result.

Number 03. Lucent

For those who are arachnophobic, I apologise in advance. Yes, the Lucent were spiders – crystal spiders to be exact. Curious by nature, these arachnids built the Crystal Web Station so to interact with other species. Other than that, nothing was really known about Lucents, though they came to be known as honourable and trustworthy beings. Their perception of the Force differed from most other sentient lifeforms. Firstly, each spider viewed “the Life-Web” or “the Weave” as a web of shining crystal strands, which they could manipulate for physical effects, like telekinesis. Secondly, Lucents possessed unique abilities depending on their connection to the Force. One such ability allowed individual members to calculate the fastest, safest and most efficient route through hyperspace, without the use of navigation computers or astromech droids.

Number 02. Bouncers

No, not that type of bouncer! Now that we've cleared that one up; Bouncers were globe-like creatures native to Ruusan. They were covered in green fur, and sported numerous tentacles. Bouncers were named after their choice of transportation, as they bounced off obstacles to achieve great heights. You would never expect such a species to be Force-sensitive, yet they were! In fact, following a great battle between the Army of the Light and the Brotherhood of Darkness on their homeworld, Bouncers supported and comforted the dying of both sides through their mild telepathic abilities. In addition, due to the Force, they often dreamt of the future. Such visions were usually eerily accurate. Unfortunately, weak Bouncers could be killed by dark dreams.

Number 01. Golden Sun

I thought it was going to be a troublesome task finding a Force-sensitive species more unbelievable than the Bouncers. However, the Golden Sun is really in a league of its own. From sky to sea, it was a Force-sensitive communal intelligence comprised of thousands of coral polyps. Residing on the ocean planet Sedri, the Golden Sun was worshiped by the native Sedrians, and for good reason. The energy crystals produced from thousands of Force-sensitive minds fueled Sedrian devices. Furthermore, its Force healing powers served as the basis of Sedrian medicine. The Golden Sun's worshipers never fully recognised its true intelligence and power, just as we would never associate such a collection of tiny organisms as Force-sensitive...

So, there we have it, 10 species you would not expect to be predominantly Force-sensitive. Were there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below, as well as any suggestions you have for future top 10 countdowns. If you enjoyed today's list, make sure to click the video on the left, as it lists 10 Force-sensitive creatures! Thanks for watching! And for more Star Wars related content, keep it locked here to TheCancrizans!

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