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Star Wars Lore – The Star Forge (Legends)

Constructed in 30,000 BBY by the Rakatan Infinite Empire, the Star Forge was a giant automated shipyard that drew energy and matter from nearby stars. With the power to produce near-indestructible armies, it caught the attention of Darth Revan and his Sith apprentice, Malak. However, the Star Forge was known for its corruption, making the superweapon just as deadly to its users as it was to the rest of the galaxy...

Origins and Legacy

The technological marvel that was the Star Forge began life five thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Republic. The Rakata, otherwise known as “The Builders”, constructed the space-based factory through the use of slaves, most of whom hailed from worlds such as Corellia, Coruscant, Dantooine, Duro, Kashyyyk, Malastare and Tatooine. Unfortunately, cruel by nature, the Rakata inadvertently crafted an immense tool of dark side power. The Star Forge began feeding off its creator’s negative traits, corrupting the Rakata more and more as each year passed, until the Infinite Empire's collapse in 25,200 BBY. Left leaderless, the colossal machine spent the following millennia drifting in the furthest reaches of space. In fact, the Star Forge only survived through its built-in automated repair systems. At the behest of Sith Emperor Vitiate, however, Darth Revan and his apprentice used the Star Maps to locate the ancient space station. While Malak sought to uncover the Star Forge's true power, his Master tended to limit his exposure to the device, knowing full well its ability to corrupt. As a result, Malak betrayed Revan, becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith and leader of the Sith Empire.

Under Malak's control, the Star Forge continued to grow in power, producing thousands of ships and battle droids. However, the Sith fleet proved no match for the Republic's might in 3956 BBY, nor could Malak repel the reformed Revan aboard the Star Forge itself. With one fatal blow, the dark lord was left mortally wounded. His body and the ancient space station were later consumed by a sea of flames. All that remained of the Star Forge, as Darth Bane discovered thousands of years later, were large clumps of metal fused together to form a large ring around the planet Lehon. In fact, many mistook remnants of the factory as small asteroid fields, and they had reason to. The Star Forge and its creators fell into obscurity following the Jedi Civil War. You see, the Republic deemed it wise to bury all knowledge of the Rakatan Empire. In their opinion, the re-emergence of a culture who enslaved species and built terrifying superweapons would incite panic and fear. Consequently, to many in the galaxy, the Star Forge was merely a myth.


For its time, the Star Forge was massive, as large capital ships could easily pass in-between its three “fins”, the large blade-like shards which drew energy and matter from stars into the central spherical structure. The fins were also used to dock small freighters and starfighters. Surprisingly, the Star Forge equipped very little external weaponry. Save for some turbolaser emplacements near each hangar, blast doors, and a ship-disabling energy field, the space station relied upon its production of ships and battle droids for defence.

The Star Forge consisted of four primary decks. Decks one and two housed a hangar and a facility for producing specialised Jedi Robes respectively, while the Command Center directly connected to the Viewing Platform, where Malak met his demise...

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