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Bistan's Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

Due to their primitive nature, the lakaru were rarely seen throughout the galaxy. In fact, so primordial was their existence that they failed to develop hyperdrive technology. Despite this, their homeworld, lakar, became a hotspot for interstellar trade during the Clone Wars. Pharmaceutical companies such as Chiewab, Merisee Prime and Fabreth Medical established major research facilities across lakar. Unfortunately, their drive for the planet's valuable organic compounds drove the lakaru deeper into the lush jungle environment. The situation only worsened with the rise of the Galactic Empire, as demand for medicine increased substantially, resulting in a full-scale seizure and occupation of lakar. However, the organic resources were also targeted by the Rebel Alliance, specifically a unit of their Special Forces, who infiltrated the planet in a bid to steal medical supplies. The mission was a success, thanks to Bistan. The twenty-two-year-old lakaru used well-thrown rocks and spears to fight off Imperial pursuers. This act of ferocity and tenacity impressed the SpecForce commandos so much that they offered him to join their fight. Bistan eagerly accepted.

Despite facing an entire galaxy unlike his homeworld, Bistan was quick to master modern technology. Moreover, driven by adrenaline, he came to relish combat and truly felt alive behind the repetitive recoil of an M-45 ion blaster. Bistan's never-ending supply of energy made him a popular figure among the Alliance's soldiers, though his personnel file listed multiple incidents of insubordination. More often than not, the lakaru was spotted directing covering fire from the main entry hatch of a U-wing fighter during flight and landing operations. His ability to pour such accurate and deadly streams of antipersonnel fire dated back to his days on lakar. Having evolved in jungle canopy, Bistan and others developed exceptional spatial awareness, keen eyesight, accurate depth perception and quick reflexes. More importantly, however, the lakaru were very surefooted beings. As a result, Bistan utilised minimal restraining equipment while standing on the edge of U-wing starfighters. All of these traits combined made the young warrior a top sharpshooter. In fact, due to his incredible skill and ferocity, Bistan was selected to participate in the Battle of Scarif, despite having only joined the Rebel Alliance six months prior.

Taking a closer look at his equipment and clothing, Bistan donned a battered old space suit, a modified DH-17 blaster rifle, a principle life support umbilical port, a liquid cooling and ventilation port, a reinforced helmet sealing ring, and sensitive brow tufts to aid in spatial awareness.

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