• Mattie Stu

Ups and Downs From Star Wars Rebels: “Double Agent Droid”

In this week's Star Wars Rebels episode, Wedge, AP-5 and Chopper infiltrate an Imperial base to steal codes for an assault on Lothal. The mission goes to plan without any hiccups... or so the heroes presume. In reality, the ISB use their hacking know-how to take full control of Chopper, intending to uncover the rebels' hidden base. Hera and company, however, soon uncover the sinister plot and use all their might to hit back at the ISB. This episode is not very good, to be honest. Yes, after a string of awesome and incredibly important installments, we've returned to filler. But what makes it rather disappointing? Well, to answer that question, let's take a look at the ups and downs from “Double Agent Droid”.

Last week, I proclaimed “Secret Cargo” to be one of best episodes of Star Wars Rebels I have ever seen. So, returning to mostly filler is incredibly unfortunate. Despite this, however, “Double Agent Droid” did have its good points. For example, having AP-5 and Chopper headline an episode is great to see. I particularly enjoy the chemistry between both droids. Admittedly, their personalities starkly contrast one another's, but that's what makes the pairing work so well. Having them share that much screen time together guarantees a ton of hilarious moments. Furthermore, a nod to the song “Anything You Can Do” through the droids' bickering, and AP-5's little musical number at the end, were fantastically integrated into the episode. Both inclusions certainly made the episode feel that little bit more unique. Unfortunately, something that was incredibly not unique about “Double Agent Droid” was the infiltration assignment. Look, sneaking into Imperial bases is a neat concept, and can be executed brilliantly, though it seems like every week we see yet another infiltration. After the 45th time watching the heroes execute the exact same mission, you long for something different. Speaking of the heroes, why did every single member of the Ghost's crew enter its cargo hold to “confront” Chopper? It was unnecessary to say the least, and it led to a rather perilous situation. Thankfully, though, the Imperial forces were defeated. Wait a minute… That's not a positive! I never classed the rebels' escape from the Empire as a down in last week's episode as they survived by the skin of their teeth, losing a number of pilots, in the process. However, watching the heroes somewhat easily overcome the ISB unit was infuriating. I just hope Thrawn strikes back in the near future.

“Double Agent Droid” wasn't a terrible episode, but it wasn't all that great either, as displayed by the two ups and three downs. I hate being harsh on an animated show intended for a younger audience, but when you know how great Rebels can be, you build yourself pretty high expectations. Here's hoping next week's episode is better. Speaking of which, the 18th of March will mark the release of “Twin Suns”, in which Ezra defies Hera and Kanan to meet with Maul, who plans on encountering an old enemy. So, let me know what you think about the premise of next week's episode, as well as your opinion on “Double Agent Droid”, in the comments below.

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