• Mattie Stu

General Draven's Backstory – Star Wars: Rogue One Lore

Born in 45 BBY on Pendarr III, Davits Draven was a veteran of the Clone Wars, serving as a member of the Republic's military intelligence throughout. As a result, he routinely rubbed shoulders with many strategists, fleet commanders and other high-ranking officers - most of whom formed the core of the emergent Imperial military. Draven did not follow suit, however. He instead, knowing how cruel his former colleagues could be, joined the Rebel Alliance. The general made an immediate impact. In fact, many, including General Merrick, considered Draven to be pragmatic and thus likely to forget about the Human variables when making his cold calculations. Even Mon Mothma found Davits to be difficult at times, though she fully recognised his worth. In fairness, Draven simply complied with the demands of an era where guerrilla tactics reigned supreme. This meant that sabotage, theft and assassination became part of everyday life for members of the Rebellion.

As a trusted field operative trained by General Airen Cracken, Draven and his staff were constantly on high alert for Imperial actions designed to draw out the Rebellion. Most reports indicated tailor-made traps, resulting in many heated discussions between Davits and the rebel council. However, when word of a “Death Star” made its way to the general, he knew it was time to take action...

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