• Mattie Stu

Ups and Downs From Star Wars Rebels: “Zero Hour”

In this week's two-part Star Wars Rebels episode, the heroes' attack on Lothal is placed on hold by Thrawn, who pinpoints their location of Atollon and launches a devastating attack. Hera, Kanan, Ezra and company must call upon every trick in their arsenal, and even some backup, to face any chance of survival. Thankfully, they manage to escape, leaving Thrawn and his forces behind in defeat. Victory comes at a cost, however, as many good soldiers perish in the heat of battle. Both parts of this season finale combined entail for an excellent viewing experience. There is plenty of spectacular space and ground battles, many heartfelt moments, and some loose ends that will draw us back in for season 4. But what makes it an effective episode? Well, to answer that question, let's take a look at the ups and downs from “Zero Hour”.

Right, first things first, how amazing was Thrawn in both parts of this episode? He, in my opinion, was the star of the entire finale. His thwarting of Kallus' Fulcrum transmission was particularly noteworthy, though the way in which he halted the rebels' escape, bullied them into near-submission and bossed the entire battle from start to finish was also incredible! This, of course, was followed by insane space battles. You can tell Dave Filoni and his team drew a lot of inspiration from the Battle of Scarif, whether it be the Y-wings' attack on the star destroyers, or Sato's heroic sacrifice. RIP Sato. And you probably know by know how much I enjoyed the Battle of Scarif, so it made for some compelling action. Moreover, the ground battles were executed very well. Having both complimented the finale immensely, making it feel more dynamic than most other episodes of Rebels. The battles also generated some truly stunning visuals. The bombardment of the heroes' shield generator was especially jaw-dropping. Something that wasn't so jaw-dropping, however, was the Bendu. I mean, I'm glad he was in the episode. I really do like his character. But even in the realms of the Star Wars universe, his whole weather manipulation gig was a bit too hokey, in my opinion. I just find it hard to believe that Rogue One existed in the same universe as a sentient thunderstorm. On the other hand, the passing of the Bendu (if he did indeed perish) and Sato were really heartfelt moments. This, combined with the destruction of countless fighters and Admiral Konstantine, made the finale feel impactful and consequential. Sure, none of the main characters died, but that doesn't negate the loss in this episode.

Overall, as displayed by the four ups and one down, the Season 3 finale of Star Wars Rebels was excellent! It had everything, from great action set pieces and stunning visuals, to heartfelt moments. Even the way in which elements from previous episodes returned to somehow involve themselves with the plot was great to see. The only downside now is that we have to wait until late this year to uncover the mysteries of Season 4. Yes, we have the reached the conclusion of Season 3. But I want to know your opinion of the season as a whole. What was your favourite episode? What surprised you the most? Who was your favourite character? What are you looking forward to in the season to come? Please do go wild in the comments below.

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