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Star Wars Lore – Rako Hardeen

With aspirations for greatness, Rako Hardeen sought to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the legendary bounty hunters of his era. And while he was reputed to be the best marksman from his homeworld, Concord Dawn, Hardeen never received the notoriety he deserved. That was until the day he killed Obi-Wan Kenobi...

Killing a Jedi Master

Active throughout the troublesome years of the Clone Wars, Rako Hardeen was all too versed in the taking of one's life. And so, as a bounty hunter looking to make a name for himself, he jumped at the opportunity to slay a Jedi Master. Hardeen was hired anonymously to shoot Obi-Wan Kenobi from atop a Coruscant building, which he executed flawlessly. Furthermore, he expertly evaded Anakin Skywalker in a subsequent speeder chase, through the use of smoke bombs. Though his moment of triumph wouldn't last for long. While celebrating his high-profile kill in the Trueping's cantina, Rako was summoned to the back to finally meet his employer. There, he was shocked to discover Jedi Master Mace Windu. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. Stood next to him was the very much alive Kenobi, who had been physically altered to look exactly like the bounty hunter himself. As it turned out, Hardeen was nothing more than a pawn of the Jedi Council in their quest to foil a kidnapping attempt on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. To do so, Kenobi needed to gain the trust of its incarcerated mastermind, Moralo Eval. And by assuming the identity of the recently-convicted Hardeen, he was able to begin work.

An Unruly Legacy

With the genuine “Marksman of Concord Dawn” out of the picture, the disguised Kenobi was free to gain every last piece of information on the imminent kidnapping attempt. However, the task proved to be extremely difficult. Even after aiding in their escape from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, Cad Bane found “Hardeen” difficult to trust. In fact, the bounty hunter went as far to betray Kenobi on Nal Hutta, leaving him for the local authorities to arrest. The pair managed to make amends, thankfully, which led to an initiation of sorts. Alongside eight other bounty hunters, Eval, Bane and Kenobi participated in the Tournament of Serenno – a series of increasingly difficult challenges where only the strongest would survive. The disguised bounty hunter managed to surpass each of the gruelling stages, due to his connection to the Force. And so, he was selected to participate in the kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor. Such a plot was to unravel at the Festival of Light on Naboo, and “Hardeen” was set to fire stun blasts at Palpatine when in position. That, of course, never happened. Having intercepted the heart of the kidnapping preparations, Mace Windu, Skywalker and Kenobi were quick to arrest Bane and Eval. The Jedi Master, having spared the Supreme Chancellor, soon returned to his normal self – all while the real Rako Hardeen lay in the unknown...

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