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Star Wars Lore Episode CLXVII –The Rise of Tulak Hord (Legends)

It was with good reason that Tulak Hord was known as the Lord of Hate. After all, he commanded great armies into legendary and brutal victories, all while delving deeper into the mysteries of Sith sorcery. Unfortunately, despite achieving mastery of the dark side of the Force, Hord found it difficult to trust the right people, which resulted in his demise...

The Lord of Hate

As a student of the dark side of the Force, Tulak Hord quickly ascended the ranks of the early Sith Empire to become a master swordsmen. This made him a revered yet intimidating figure among his contemporaries. Though Hord did find one ally worth his consideration, Khem Val. Together, they assembled a massive army of followers and thwarted rebellious militants on planets such as Yn and Chabosh. Their actions soon caught the attention of fellow Sith Aloysius Kallig, who – after proving his worth – became a high-ranking officer of the militia. He subsequently led Hord's troops to numerous more victories, using his knowledge of Sith rituals to do so. By draining and feeding off the strength of his opponents, Hord earned the titles Master of the Gathering Darkness, Lord of Hate and finally, Dark Lord of the Sith. Despite his unbeaten record in battle, however, Tulak feared over Kallig's ever-increasing power. And so, to safeguard his seat of power, the Dark Lord ordered the assassination of his potential rival.

With the successful destruction of Kallig, Lord Hord continued to study the art of Sith sorcery. He even authored several tomes of knowledge, in addition to crafting his own personal holocron. But not one for sharing his teachings haphazardly, Tulak scattered much of his instructions in hard to reach locations that only the most deserving could obtain. One being who did prove worthy was Ortan Cela, as he became the Dark Lord's only known apprentice. Unfortunately, Hord's trust in the Sith up-and-comer was ultimately misplaced. He discovered this around 5600 BBY, when Cela stabbed him through the back. His Force energy was then consumed by the traitor's Dashade servant, Veshikk Urk.


Hord may have perished in a rather unsavoury manner, but his followers ensured a grand commemoration for their fallen idol. They achieved such by constructing a colossal tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban, which they populated with Tulak's holocron, mask and several of his writings. Sadly, much of Hord's teachings were destroyed, following the Great Hyperspace War. What's more, despite the presence of many traps, Jedi Padawan Revan managed to navigate the tomb, leaving with many of the valued treasures, including the fallen Dark Lord's legendary mask. Of course, this wasn't the only significant piece of facial armour Revan used throughout his storied career...

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