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Star Wars: Top 10 – Alcoholic Beverages

Sometimes, especially in a galaxy far, far away, you've just got to loosen up. And what better way to do so than drinking yourself into oblivion! I'm noel from TheCancrizans, and here are the top 10 alcoholic beverages in Star Wars.

Number 10. Muon Gold (Legends)

Known to degrade the neural pathways of its users’ overtime, Muon Gold was a lubricant-based spice banned by the Galactic Empire. Due to its ability to briefly enhance mental clarity and focus, however, the substance became a heavily-smuggled, cheap drug.

Number 09. Accarrgm (Legends)

Accarrgm was an extremely potent and pale coloured liqueur made by the Wookiee species. Like so many other beverages of the Kashyyyk natives, the fungus-made drink was strong enough to inebriate a Human within minutes. This is why Han Solo actively tried to avoid Accarrgm during the wedding ceremony of his copilot, Chewbacca. Around two years later, though, the liqueur was manufactured by chefs across the galaxy, and could be consumed by a multitude of different species, including Bothans, Mon Calamari, Rodians, Twi'leks and Zabraks.

Number 08. Membrosia (Legends)

Membrosia, in its classic form, was an alcoholic beverage specifically made and marketed by Killik “givers”, and was rather unassuming. Black membrosia, on the other hand, was far more sinister. Firstly, this Gorog version crashed the entire economy of the Roche Asteroids, after one year of black market sales. And secondly, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force Sien Sovv was killed when his ship was crashed into by a pilot intoxicated on black membrosia. There was one other version of the beverage named gold membrosia, which was favoured by insectoid species.

Number 07. A Walk in the Phelopean Forest (Legends)

Served in the Hard Heart Cantina of the first Death Star, A Walk in the Phelopean Forest consisted of ten different coloured liquids, all with their own densities. Thus, each serving required incredible precision from the bartender to prevent any of the layers from bleeding into one another. Such a process took upwards of five minutes to complete, though the resulting rainbow cylinder of liqueur was worth the wait.

Number 06. Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud (Legends)

Also known simply as a Pica Thundercloud, this alcoholic beverage took its name from the miniature cloud of ionised gas which stood above the glass. This was caused by the drink's plethora of fizzy ingredients. However, to simulate an electrical storm, the Pica Thundercloud was often served in special containers that stimulated the orb of gas. Such a spectacle made the beverage incredibly popular, even for bounty hunters like Spurch Goa. Unfortunately, as customers of the Meltdown Café on Nar Shadaa soon realised, the Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud was one of the strongest drinks in the galaxy, making it extremely dangerous.

Number 05. Knockback Nectar (Canon)

Served on the harsh desert planet of Jakku as the only drink in Ergel's Bar, Knockback Nectar wasn't for the faint-hearted. I mean, the drink was served in an oil can. That's pretty hardcore! It was said that the fungus-based drink was strong enough to inebriate a space slug! And while such a claim was far-fetched to say the least, Corwin Ballast certainly felt the full effects of Knockback Nectar during his time on Jakku – noting that he felt a buzzing in his teeth, numbness in his gums, and a red raw voice. Nevertheless, its aesthetic and taste were less than flattering. Firstly, the beverage shared the same colour as hydraulic fluid, and was populated by tiny, floating pieces of who knows what. And secondly, Knockback Nectar tasted like sour spit with the aftertaste of motor oil.

Number 04. Hoth Daiquiri (Legends)

Hoth Daiquiri, contrary to popular belief, had very little to do with the ice planet it was named after. Yes, other than its murky white appearance, and the fact it was stilled in a liquefied frozen form, this beverage was only found in bars of heavily populated worlds, such as Coruscant and Taris. Due to its cold nature, however, Hoth Daiquiri was unsuitable for warm blooded species, making it a very unpopular choice. It's a pity too, as the drink bolstered a sour yet satisfyingly smooth bite.

Number 03. Weequay Pirate Brew (Canon)

Green in colour, this pirate brew was unsurprisingly favoured by the Weequay Pirates of the Hondo Ohnaka Gang. And so, during a banquet at their base on Florrum, the criminals attempted to use the beer as a means of drugging Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The plan was thought to have been executed flawlessly. That was until a pair of nearby pirates fell unconscious as victims of Jedi trickery.

Number 02. Corellian Whiskey (Legends)

This spicy-flavoured whiskey, to no surprise, was favoured by those native to Corellia. However, the drink was more often than not reserved for special occasions, due to its rarity and prohibitive expense elsewhere in the galaxy. This is why distillers of worlds colonised by Corellians began to brew their very own versions of the beverage. Nevertheless, the whiskey was sold by the mug, and was once drunk by Luke Skywalker sixteen times while prying information from a bounty hunter. Though the Jedi wasn't some heavyweight drinker, rather he utilised the Force to nullify the whiskey's effects.

Number 01. Tihaar (Legends)

Made by members of the Mandalorian culture, Tihaar was a colourless spirit that was typically triple distilled. This made it incredibly strong with the potential to burn the user's throat upon consumption. But despite Mandalorian jokes of Tihaar's secondary use as engine cleaner, the beverage could be flavoured by any readily-available fruit, giving it a unique and pleasant taste. In fact, so unmistakable was the taste of Tihaar that Kal Skirata ordered regular shipments of the spirit to Kamino. Moreover, Tihaar seemingly stood the test of time, as it went on to serve soldiers across the galaxy during the turbulent years of the Galactic Civil War.

So, there we have it; the top 10 alcoholic beverages in Star Wars. Were there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. If you learned something new from today's video, make sure to leave a like. And if you haven't already, press that subscribe button and notification bell to keep it locked heeeeeerrree to TheCancrizans!

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