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Star Wars Lore – ARF Troopers

Advanced Recon Force troopers were far from ordinary clones. In fact, in a similar manner to clone commandos, they were incredibly stealthy and skilled soldiers who specialised in reconnaissance missions. Thus, ARF troopers were often tasked with collecting vital information on enemy forces, often doing so at the controls of AT-RTs. But what else made these clones so unique and cunning? Well, let's find out...

Welcome to TheCancrizans' Star Wars Lore Episode 168 – ARF Troopers


When it came to weaponry - whether it be their DC-15A blaster rifles, DC-15S carbines, missile launchers or thermal detonators, ARF troopers were well-armed to say the least. However, what gave them the required dexterity to fulfill surveillance duties was their plastoid armour. Each set was both lightweight and highly customisable, allowing for diverse and incredibly detailed camouflage. This was why desert troopers bore yellow and brown markings, while those assigned to jungle environments donned mostly green armour. Moreover, ARF troopers situated on Teth and within with 501st Legion were known to sport grey and blue camouflage respectively. Of course, they also heavily relied upon consumables and small bits of tech, which were usually carried in small backpacks. Thus, the majority of ARF troopers equipped explosives, comlinks, macrobinoculars, rope, ice axes, first aid kits and rations. But survival aside, the true test of these specialised soldiers was their ability to pilot All Terrain Recon Transports, as they were exposed to enemy fire at all times. The vehicles also required a great deal of precision and dexterity to manoeuvre. Some ARF troopers even considered themselves to be a breed apart from their clone colleagues, believing that AT-RTs operated not too dissimilar from living animals. As a result, it was said that training for such pilots began on the backs of wild beasts.


To no surprise, given their status as elite operatives, ARF troopers were never far from key conflicts of the Clone Wars. And so, they participated in the Battle of Teth, the brutal retaking of Geonosis under the orders of Commander Cody, a skirmish in the Temple of Eedit – which resulted in their and Jedi Master Halsey's demise at the hands of Savage Opress – and the Battle of Umbara. The latter of which occurred in 21 BBY, and saw ARF troopers atop AT-RTs destroy a ridge full of Umbaran tanks and militia. Unfortunately, the small victory came at a cost, as the Republic's forces suffered substantial casualties. Despite all of the aforementioned conflicts, however, none could quite compare to the Battle of Ryloth. Such a skirmish utilised ARF troopers in a rather aggressive manner. Firstly, at the behest of Jedi General Mace Windu, the soldiers scouted a band of Twi'lek freedom fighters. And secondly, they infiltrated the capital city of Lessu to counter enemy AATs. Thanks to their efforts, the Separatist forces were defeated...

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