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Star Wars Lore – The Backstory of Ezra Bridger

As the Jedi Padawan of Kanan Jarrus, and a member of the Lothal rebels, Ezra Bridger was destined to accomplish great feats. But what events led to his true calling? What shaped Ezra into the man he came to be? Well, let's find out...

The Making of a Rebel

Born in 19 BBY, on the day of the Galactic Empire's inception, Ezra Bridger knew first-hand how cruel the New Order could be. He realised this at the age of seven, when his parents – Mira and Ephraim – were taken by Imperials for their illegal and treasonous holonet broadcasts. Without leadership or guidance, Ezra fell into a life of crime. More specifically, he survived the next eight years through con artistry and by stealing bits of technology, which he would often resell on the black market. He even fell under the tutelage of a local pawnshop owner named Ferpil Wallaway. The Xexto taught Bridger everything he knew, and used his underworld connections to establish a plethora of scamming operations. One of their preferred tactics was to trick wealthy tourists into foolishly trading their possessions. Credits aside, however, the young orphan racked up an impressive collection of various stormtrooper helmets, storing them in an abandoned LothalNet comm tower he called home.

Ezra's Gamble

With a connection to the criminal underworld, Ezra was introduced to a number of conmen and guns for hire. The most notable of which was renown Trandoshan bounty hunter, and pilot of the Hound's Tooth, Bossk. Ezra acted as a guide for Bossk in his quest to lure out Gronson “Shifty” Takkaro. But the mission wasn't without its problems. Firstly, they were jumped by a trio of bloodthirsty assassins, though they managed to escape the encounter. Secondly, however, Bridger and Bossk found themselves surrounded by Imperial authorities, resulting in an intense speeder bike chase. Ezra managed to survive the encounters unscathed, but his Trandoshan counterpart wasn't so lucky.

After tending to the bounty hunter's wounds back inside his makeshift shelter, Ezra accompanied Bossk on a quest for vengeance. They quickly realised that ISB lieutenant Jenkes was the one who had set them up. Moreover, the Imperial higher up shot, robbed and killed Bridger's former mentor, Ferpil Wallaway. Ezra became doubly determined to defeat Jenkes, as a result. And so, during Gladiator Night at the Monad Outpost, the youngster managed to stun his Imperial adversary, before alerting his treacherous actions to local authorities. Jenkes was later executed for his crimes.

Having successfully worked together to thwart Jenkes and his criminal ties, Bossk gifted Ezra seventy-five credits. The Trandoshan soon thereafter bid farewell to his unlikely accomplice, though Bridger would not be alone for long. In fact, his greatest quests were just about to begin...

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