• Mattie Stu

Hellboy 3: A Netflix Original Series?

It goes without saying that the superhero scene is booming right now. Every year we receive more and more prequels, sequels, reboots, originals, and everything in-between. Even lesser known comic book characters are getting their chance to shine in what has become a superhero revolution. Yet there are some notable absentees, not the least of which is Mike Mignola's Hellboy. We've not seen this well-meaning demon on the silver screen in around nine years, which is a shame as both Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army were very true to their comic origin and included top tier CGI and make-up transformations for the time. But what about a third instalment? Well, as it turns out, the possibility of Hellboy III is not as unlikely as you may think. I'm Noel from Cinemaccess, and here's how Hellboy 3 might be coming to Netflix as an original series.

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Written by Liam Biddle.

Edited/commentated by Noel.

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