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Star Wars Lore – The Life of Coleman Trebor

From humble beginnings, Coleman Trebor faithfully climbed the ranks of the Jedi Order to become a member of the High Council. Such dedication and fortitude won him widespread respect. Despite all of his accolades, however, Trebor's legacy was forever tainted by one heroic yet foolish decision...

The Model Jedi (Legends)

During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, on the backwater world of Sembla, Coleman Trebor was born with an affinity for the Force. This was quickly realised by the Jedi Order, who rushed him to their Temple on Coruscant to begin training. Trebor naturally ascended the Jedi ranks to become a Knight and then a Master – making him the only Vurk to attain such during the Republic Classic era. In his respected role, Coleman often became the voice of reason in planetary disputes. And while his skills with a lightsaber were not to be ignored, the diplomat preferred to resolve matters through negotiation, not violence. Trebor essentially became the model Jedi – an example of how Jedi should behave. He was respected by all, as a result, even if his sudden surge to fame was rather odd considering his humble beginnings. With all of that said, Coleman became the ideal candidate to replace Yarael Poof on the Jedi High Council, following the Quermian's untimely demise in 27 BBY. The promotion, of course, came with heightened responsibilities for Trebor. Moreover, it cemented him as the official spokesman for the Council, whether it be for social events, communicating with other species, or addressing the media.

Trouble Ahead (Legends)

Trebor's appointment to the Council came during a turbulent period in galactic history. The Separatist Crisis, to be exact - which was brought about by Count Dooku, the formation of the CIS, and the many star systems that seceded from the Republic. Such tension boiled over midway through 23 BBY, when a Separatist-aligned faction emerged on Antar 4. The so-called Roshu Sune infiltrated the moon's many outbuildings to slay dozens of Antarian Rangers. But the Jedi Order were quick to react. More specifically, Trebor, Saesee Tiin, and their battalion of Jedi Knights were all too eager to relieve the situation. Unfortunately, the first assault was a disaster, resulting in massive casualties on both sides. The second push, however, saw far more success. To achieve such, Trebor and Tiin used electromagnetic pulses. This was enough to overwhelm their enemies' sensitive headcones, and thus end the conflict without any more bloodshed. There was only one problem: the local populace believed the Jedi tactics to be sloppy and dangerous. Their triumphant return to Coruscant was dampened, as a result. What's more, the Roshu Sune continued to carry out terrorist attacks in Dooku's name.

One Way Ticket to Geonosis (Canon)

With each passing second, the Separatist Crises grew more and more. It was a toxic movement that would only lead to war if not dealt with sooner rather than later. This was fully realised by Trebor, who sought to end Count Dooku's reign if given half the chance. And during the rescue attempt of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala, Coleman saw the perfect opportunity. Breaking away from the swarm of Jedi who had infiltrated the execution arena of Geonosis, and despite the Count's superior lightsaber skills, Trebor leapt to Dooku's side. Unfortunately, a grand showcase of skill was quickly thwarted, as bounty hunter Jango Fett emerged from the shadows to gun down the Vurk Jedi Master. Coleman tried his best to deflect the sudden outburst of blaster fire, but he failed to prevent two clinical shots from piercing his shoulder and abdomen respectively. He then fell backwards off the nearby balcony edge to land hard on the cold desert floor below. Trebor was killed instantly.

For all of his accomplishments and feats, Trebor was remembered as the one who failed to strike down Dooku when he had the chance. The one who failed to prevent the outbreak of the Clone Wars...

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