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10 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars Rebels (Probably)

Number 01.

The concept of the show is not too dissimilar from Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy's early idea for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Originally, they wanted to focus on the crew of a Millennium Falcon-esque smuggling craft. Members would have included a rogue named Cad, his girlfriend Lupé, their Gungan heavy Lunker, a Twi'lek Jedi called Sendak and her Togrutan apprentice Ashla.

Number 02.

Before the show's announcement, it began production under the title “Wolf”. This meant that auditioning actors had no idea they were trying out for a Star Wars television series. All they had to go on was talk of “sun swords” and plenty of “tyranny”.

Number 03.

Rebels was heavily influenced by the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Number 04.

Speaking of influences, the character of Kanan Jarrus was based on Bill Munny – the ageing outlaw and killer from Clint Eastwood's 1992 Western “Unforgiven”.

Number 05.

Garazeb Orrelios wasn't always going to be a Lasat. In fact, his original look was based on early Ralph McQuarrie artwork for Chewbacca.

Number 06.

According to Dave Filoni, Ezra Bridger was primarily influenced by Ralph Macchio's portrayal of the Karate Kid. Despite this, it's hard to look past his uncanny likeness and similar upbringing to Aladdin.

Number 07.

When the decision was made to include Darth Vader in seasons one and two of Rebels, the show runners immediately reached out to James Earl Jones in hopes he would once more voice the iconic dark lord. Jones gleefully accepted.

Number 08.

The lightsabers used by the Inquisitors may have looked unique and unlike anything we had ever seen before. But they were in fact lifted from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed concept art. Moreover, the weapon featured alongside General Grievous in a line of Star Wars action figures.

Number 09.

The Imperial Troop Transports, which first featured in the episode “Fighter Flight”, were based on a toy produced by Kenner in the 1970s.

And, last but not least...

Number 10.

In season three, the mystical and incredibly intriguing “Bendu” was voiced by Tom Baker. This made him only the second actor from Doctor Who to have also featured in the galaxy far, far away. Who was the first? None other than the Doctor himself, David Tennant.

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