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Star Wars Lore – The Life of Lobot

Never far from his best friend and long-time companion Lando Calrissian, Lobot was most noted for his incredibly computer-like brain and the cybernetic implant that wrapped around the back of his head. But how exactly did he receive such a device? And why was it so vital in his day-to-day operations? Well, let's find out...


Born on Bespin some years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Lobot was alive and well to witness the downfall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. However, he wasn't swayed by the nasty rumours encircling the new power – just the opposite. You see, Lobot was hired by the Empire to run battlefield calculations, and even allowed Imperial scientists to fit him with a brain implant to better do so. The cyborg construct, while perfect for increased productivity, made him - more or less - a walking computer devoid of personality. Yet he still managed to find love and friendship in the form of bounty hunter Chanath Cha and smuggler Lando Calrissian respectively.

Odd One Out

The pairing of a gambler and an odds-calculating cyborg was incredibly incompatible, to say the least, but their loyalty to one another was strong enough to draw Lobot away from Imperial service and even the loving arms of Cha. One of their first assignments working together came some time after the Battle of Yavin – when both men found themselves in a rather large sum of debt to crime boss Papa Toren. To make amends, Lando was tasked with stealing a valuable object from Moff Ssaria. However, against one in ten-thousand odds - and so to thwart any chance of a pursuit - Calrissian manipulated the Imperial governor into handing over the trinket. The unorthodox plan worked to perfection, although their payment for such was anything but. Toren essentially bullied the pair into an unfair deal, meaning that only a tenth of their debt was officially paid off.

Forced to seek credits once more, Lobot and Lando spearheaded a tricky infiltration attempt on a Sienar Systems Orbital Shipyard. From there, they hijacked an Imperial pleasure craft, believing it to house a collection of rare and invaluable art. Much to Lobot's dismay, however, their escape was met with the emergence of three Star Destroyers. Yet Lando wasn't as concerned. In fact, the Imperial presence only bolstered his belief in the importance of their craft, and he knew just the trick to escape. Using the tractor beams of the enemy against them, Calrissian piloted the yacht in-between two of the Star Destroyers. He then sped away as both crafts irreversibly locked onto one another for a gruesome and fiery end.

Having fled to the safety of hyperspace, both men began searching the vessel for valuable goods. More specifically, Lobot used his implant to open the yacht's heavily secured central chamber. Inside lay two priceless works by the legendary Sith sculptor Lord Momin. However, the room also housed two hidden Imperial Guards – one of which impaled Lobot through the chest with their staff. The cyborg was left semi-conscious and fighting against his implant for control of his body, as a result. But his much-needed time inside a bacta tank was cut short by a triggering of the vessel's self-destruct sequence. Thankfully, the two managed to reach an escape pod in time to jettison away as the vessel became engulfed with flames. All in a days work.

Playing Number Two

After paying off their debts, and making a full recovery, Lobot and his smuggling companion eventually returned to Bespin. There, Lando was appointed to be the Baron Administrator of Cloud City – meaning Lobot became his second-in-command. This awarded him the responsibility of managing day-to-day affairs, as well as serving as the city's computer liaison officer. Unfortunately, he and his companion-turned-overseer were left with a rather difficult choice in 3 ABY. On one hand, the Empire had strong-armed them into handing over long-time friend Han Solo and four of his crew. On the other, they were desperate not sit idly by while their comrades faced cruel subjugation. The latter of which got the best of the Baron Administrator and his subordinate, to the point where they began a revolt. Code Force Seven was issued shortly thereafter, allowing for Lando and the rebels' escape, all while Lobot and the Bespin Wing Guard held stormtroopers at gun point in the city's security tower.

In aftermath of Lando's coup, Cloud City and Bespin fell under Imperial rule. Their reign, however, was cut short less than a year later, following the crucial Rebel Alliance victory at the Battle of Endor. And this was in no small part to Lobot, for he relayed multiple messages through the planet's blockade, and even hired pirates to poke holes in the Imperial defence systems. The liberation of Bespin marked the beginning of a new chapter in galactic history, and who was to say what lay ahead for the recently-promoted Calrissian and his cybernetic sidekick...

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