• Mattie Stu

The Greatest Scene of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

When most of us think about the Star Wars prequels, the word great doesn't initially come to mind, what with the lackluster writing, predictable camerawork, overuse of CGI, and – of course – Jar Jar Binks! However, I think with the internet age, we've all been conditioned to blindly hate the prequels without really knowing why. And because of this, many great moments have either been glossed over or forgotten completely. So with that in mind, let's take a look at one of – if not the best – scenes in all of the Star Wars prequels.

Now, the scene in question occurs in Revenge of the Sith - arguably the strongest entry in the Star Wars prequel trilogy - and it contains very little dialogue. In fact, George Lucas manages to convey fear, regret, sadness and suspense with only an entrancing score, brilliant acting and a single tear. Padmé's Ruminations, as it is informally known, occurs on the brink of a new era: Anakin truly wants to save his wife's life, but his loyalty to the Jedi Order creates an ever-growing inner-struggle. Even as the two lovers stand hundreds of miles apart, we can understand their shared uncertainty and worry, all while the literal divide illustrates just how far their differing ideologies have become. And then, to cap off the stellar scene, Anakin turns his back knowing he must do whatever it takes to ensure Padmé's survival.

In eighty-eight seconds, Anakin's entire thought process is conveyed to the audience without a single word spoken. Even the backdrop of the setting sun and the slow descent into darkness subtly nods to a new day – a new beginning. This scene proves just how underrated the Star Wars prequels can be, and how George Lucas never lost his ability to beautifully story-tell...

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