• Mattie Stu

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Star Wars Prequels (Probably)

Number 01.

To create the sound effects for the various droid tanks in The Phantom Menace, crew members ran an electric razor against a metal bowl – which they then digitally lowered in pitch.

Number 02.

Unlike its two successor films, Episode I's Yoda featured only three toes per foot as opposed to four.

Number 03.

The look of the Geonosians in Attack of the Clones was inspired by one of the early Neimoidian concepts. In fact, George Lucas liked the unused head so much that he captured a jar of critters that had infested his home to help illustrators source a compatible insect-like body.

Number 04.

In a similar manner – much of the furniture used in the return to Caserta, Italy, was recycled from the Theed Palace scenes of The Phantom Menace. The plethora of chairs, tables, and so on were simply stored at Skywalker Ranch between the two films.

Number 05.

The clone army's trusty DC-15 blaster rifle was modelled after the German MG-42 machine gun.

Number 06.

Keying in 11, enter, 3, enter, 8, enter on the options menu of the Attack of the Clones DVD brought up a hidden assortment of deleted scenes. Most of which involved Hayden Christensen falling over.

Number 07.

Before the release of Rogue One, Episode II was the only Star Wars cinematic instalment to be released during the same year as a Star Trek movie.

Number 08.

Likewise, prior to Disney's sequel trilogy and anthology films, Revenge of the Sith was unique in the fact that it did not feature R2-D2 in its final shot.

Number 09.

The frightening pops of lava on the hostile world of Mustafar were made from shotgun blasts.

And, last but not least...

Number 10.

The vocals of the Boga who helped Obi-Wan hunt down General Grievous and escape Utapau were mixed from a variety of sources - including dog and coyote yelps pulled straight from Skywalker Sound's library, as well as that of a Tasmanian devil which was originally going to be used for the 1988 film Willow.

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