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Star Wars Lore – The Life of Jocasta Nu

Aside from Grand Master Yoda, Jocasta Nu was perhaps the wisest and most knowledgeable member of the Jedi Order. After all, to be appointed the Chief Librarian of the galaxy's vastest repository of insight was no easy feat. Unfortunately, her dedication to the intricate details of the universe was no match for the unforgiving ways of the Galactic Empire...

Journey to the Jedi Archives (Legends)

Discovered to be Force-sensitive at a young age, Jocasta Nu was raised in the Jedi Temple as part of a youngling clan. From there, she effortlessly passed the Jedi Trials to pursue the path of either Guardian, Seeker, Sentinel or Consular. Jocasta decided to choose the latter, in hopes of becoming an archaeological researcher of the Exploration Corps. This granted her the freedom to venture the galaxy collecting information for the Jedi Archives. During her travels, she discovered a Force-sensitive Miraluka named Jerec. So enamoured was Nu of the youngster's potential that she whisked him away to Coruscant to begin his Jedi training. She even adopted Jerec as her Padawan in the years that followed, and thus guided him to the rank of Knight. In doing so, Jocasta was promoted to Master.

In the following years, Jocasta continued to climb the ranks of the Jedi Order until she reached the pinnacle of her career in 62 BBY. Whilst her tenure with the august body of the High Council culminated after ten years of service, however, one title that failed to come and go was Chief Librarian. In fact, given her extensive work in the Exploration Corps and vast knowledge of the galaxy, Nu held the position right up until her death. With such longevity, she came to know most Jedi within the great temple – including Master Dooku, whom she especially grew fond of. And so, it was tough for her to grasp the loss of his great idealism following his departure from the Order. Regardless, Jocasta continued to spread her wisdom and knowledge, doing so in her rather unique tunic and dress that were imprinted with ancient Ansata patterns - the likes of which were donned by some of the most famed Jedi historians.

The Clone Wars (Canon)

As Chief Librarian, Jocasta took pride and confidence in her work, claiming that if information did not exist in the Archives, it did not exist at all. Unfortunately, her words failed to ring true thanks to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his unyielding quest to source the watery world of Kamino. By locating the seemingly missing planet and its secret cloning operation, Kenobi unknowingly helped trigger a pan-galactic conflict.

Nu's duties, and more importantly safety, were hardly swayed by the devastating turmoil of the Clone Wars. That all changed, however, when Ahsoka Tano was assigned as the Archives' latest security officer. You see, shortly after the Padawan's arrival, bounty hunter Cato Parasitti and her ability to mask the appearance of others swept the ancient monastery in an effort breach its security. Fortunately, the inconspicuous plan only partly succeeded due to the teamwork of Jocasta and Ahsoka. Such chemistry afforded them both the opportunity to once more work together later in the war, as did her expertise aid in the mysterious death of former Jedi Council member Sifo-Dyas.

Standing Her Ground (Legends)

19 BBY may have saw the culmination of the Clone Wars, but with it brought Order 66 and Operation: Nightfall. Whilst the latter of which entailed a storming of the Jedi Temple to destroy everyone within, Jocasta was far from willing to sit idly by while her colleagues fell around her, nor was she prepared to give up her entire life's work. So, as fighting broke out on the lower levels, Nu ordered her latest Padawan, Jin-Lo Rayce, through a secret passageway with several data chips containing vital information. She then issued the destruction of all that the Archives possessed so to hide everything they could from the evil Galactic Empire. Jocasta and her librarians were only partway through the task when they were confronted by the former Jedi Master-turned-Sith Lord Darth Vader. Defiant until her last breath, she raised her lightsaber in the face of the man she called a hero only hours beforehand. Nu was immediately impaled through the chest.

The One That Got Away (Canon)

According to Legends, Jocasta's legacy was disgraced by Sate Pestage, who claimed she was executed for harbouring information that threatened the Empire and all of its citizens. However, her legacy in canon was slightly more hopeful. In fact, Nu initially survived the destruction of the Jedi Order, and attempted to gather and preserve any information she could regarding the legendary organisation. Her selfless actions, however, soon caught the eye of Emperor Palpatine, the Grand Inquisitor, and Darth Vader...

Now it's time for this week's question: which fate do you prefer for Jocasta Nu: she be stricken down by Darth Vader after a valiant bout, or that she survives to continue the legacy of the Jedi Order? Let us know in the comments below!

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