• Mattie Stu

Why Was There a Crying Mountain in Star Wars?

With thirty years plus of Expanded Universe material, Star Wars Legends has crafted a stunning catalogue of unforgettable characters and awe-inspiring moments. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect - and for every Darth Revan or Old Republic battle, there is at least one crying mountain. No, seriously, there is a crying mountain. Mount Sorrow is, to no surprise, one of the most bizarre tales from the Legends timeline, and is often used to justify Disney's decision to forgo the EU. But surely it can't be that bad, right? RIGHT?!

On the forest moon of Endor, far from the native Ewok populace, stood a lonely and rather unsuspecting mountain. Its peak soared tall for anyone to see from any distance away - although up close towered anything but a lifeless mass of rock. In fact, some shamans told the legend of a lonely being who resided atop the mountain with tears powerful enough to cure the perilous laughing spell – completely unaware that it was Mount Sorrow itself that possessed the ability. This unbelievable truth only surfaced sometime during the Imperial era, when a young and infected Ewok named Teebo, accompanied by some of his close friends, ventured to the mountain in search of the fabled cure. Of course, Teebo was dumbfounded by the mountain's sentience, ability to speak, and depressive nature. Yet, as he got closer, Mount Sorrow became overwhelmed with an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

For perhaps the first time in its existence, the lonely mass of rock felt the incredible joy of laughter - yet it still refused to lend Teebo any of its tears, before demanding his departure. The only thing that changed Mount Sorrow's mind was the comradery and loving relationship shown between the group of Ewoks. This moved the mountain to the point where it couldn't help but douse Teebo in a wave of medicated tears. It even went as far to donate extra samples of the cure for future outbreaks of the perilous laughing spell. Teebo and company left Mount Sorrow feeling a great deal better. Much more importantly, however, was the fact that they brought joy, laughter and compassion to something that had otherwise felt nothing but loneliness for all its life...

So, do you find Mount Sorrow to be a ridiculous concept, or can you appreciate the unique value it brings to the bygone EU? Let us know in the comments below, as well as any more bizarre tales you know from the Legends universe.

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