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Star Wars Lore – The Rise of Beldorion (Legends)

When we think of the Hutt species, the words agile and trustworthy don't immediately spring to mind. After all, it was entirely due their ginormous stature and keen eye for the criminal underworld that they became the greatest gangsters in the galaxy. So the prospect of a lightsaber-wielding Hutt seems not only out of character, but also a tad ridiculous. Yet the Legends universe found a way to shatter tradition with the introduction of a Jedi Hutt. His name: Beldorion. His story: well, let's find out...

Journey to the Dark Side

Discovered to be Force-sensitive around 400 BBY, and recorded to be the only Hutt to have ever graced the Jedi Order, Beldorion began his training on Coruscant alongside a wealth of Jedi initiates. Together, they travelled the galaxy in an effort to expanded their knowledge and hone their Force abilities. This continued until each were ready to face the Trials of Knighthood, where they would either fail of succeed in becoming Jedi Knights. Thankfully, Beldorion and his close friend Taselda fell into the latter category, and were therefore entrusted by the High Council to carry out assignments on their behalf.

One of their very first missions as fully fledged Jedi Knights saw the pair dispatched to Nam Chorios. Unfortunately, neither would return with much success, or even as members of the Order. Instead, Beldorion and Taselda fell to the corruptive lure of the dark side, which deeply changed either individual for the worse. In saying that, however, Beldorion seemed to be more negatively affected. Firstly, he declared himself as the ruler of the world, upon deeming his friend as the weaker of the two. And secondly, he enslaved many of his new followers, all while proclaiming himself as “Beldorion of the Ruby Eyes” and “Beldorion the Splendid”.


Due to his isolation and detachment from the Jedi Order, Beldorion managed to survive Order 66 and the subsequent Great Jedi Purge. In fact, it was not until 13 ABY that his unopposed rule finally saw disruption. This came at the hands of Callista Ming – or at least it did initially. You see, the Jedi was jailed after failing to even reach the Hutt, but her sheer disappearance alerted both Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. The latter of whom, whilst not as strong as her potential foe, made her way to Nam Chorios to hopefully exploit his lack of mobility in a one on one duel. Her plan worked to perfection, resulting in Beldorion's swift bisection. And just like that, the only known Hutt Dark Jedi was no more...

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