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Iden Versio and Inferno Squad - Everything You Need to Know

Star Wars Battlefront II is right around the corner, and looks to once more take the online multiplayer world by storm. However, this year EA seem to be placing at least some of their eggs in another basket. By this I mean, for the first time since 2005, Battlefront will include a single-player campaign mode. The details of which are still a bit sketchy at this stage, and far from set in stone. But we can certainly speculate as to the role of each main character, as well as uncover their various backstories. So, with that in mind – and heading into Star Wars Battlefront II – here is everything you need to know about Inferno Squad and its leader, Iden Versio.

Following the Battle of Scarif, and the subsequent destruction of the Death Star, the Galactic Empire quite rightly sought to foil any future Rebel Alliance victories before they could even begin. And so, Inferno Squad was born. This elite unite of special forces commandos were immediately tasked with infiltrating and destroying remnants of the Partisans, who vowed to continue the extremist legacy of their fallen leader, Saw Gerrera. So to not spoil the entire plot of Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, I won't go into the specifics of what happened next. But it is worth noting that the group managed to participate in the Battle of Endor, having survived their prior mission. In fact, the game is set to pick up directly from the destruction of the second Death Star, with Inferno Squad seeking to avenge the death of Emperor Palpatine, all while the Empire crumbles around them.

While every single member of Inferno Squad was loyal to the core, perhaps none were more dedicated to the Imperial cause than their leader, Iden Versio. Having grown up on Vardos as the daughter of a propaganda artist and Imperial admiral, Iden was destined for a life of service in the Galactic Empire. In saying that, however, she wasn't blinded by her planet's pro-Imperial sentiments, nor was she afraid to criticise the superpower when required. These characteristics, combined with her father's prestige, saw Versio ascend the Imperial ranks in rapid succession – making her a Senior Lieutenant during the Battle of Yavin, and a Commander throughout the Battle of Endor. So given her sheer prowess and dedication to the Empire, she became a beacon of hope for her squad in the aftermath of Palpatine's demise. What happened next, and how her leadership effected the course of history is still up for debate. But if you can't wait until the 17th of November to find out more, then I recommend you check out the interview with her voice actor – Janina Gavankar – on the Star Wars YouTube channel. I'll leave a link in the description box below for anyone who wants to check it out.

So there is everything you need to know about both Iden Versio and Inferno Squad heading into Star Wars Battlefront II. Do let me know in the comments below if you are looking forward to the next Battlefront instalment, as well as your thoughts on the single-player campaign.

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