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Star Wars Lore – Force Ghosts (Legends)

According to legend, there once existed a power that granted life after death: a technique so mystical and unbelievable it fell into extinction for thousands of years. But through the determination of one single Jedi Master, the prospect of Force ghosts became less like fantasy, and more like reality. Even the most sceptical of Sith Lords began to pay attention – all in a quest to live forever...

The Ways of the Force... Ghost

Death in the galaxy far, far away – at least for Force-sensitives – was nothing to be feared. In fact, it was something to be cheated. And while most Jedi simply departed from their body to become at one with the Force, some were able to learn of an incredibly powerful technique that allowed them to live on for at least a short while longer. This saw them return to the physical world as non-physical entities. They would essentially become glowing apparitions of their former selves, or even floating, featureless masses of milky grey-coloured energy. But regardless of their differing characteristics, deceased Force-users had to call upon one manifestation or the other so interact with living beings.

While most fallen Jedi chose to return as previous, almost pristine versions of themselves, some continued to don the very same afflictions which led to their death. And despite their very nature as apparitions, meaning they could pass through solid matter with ease, Force ghosts tended to simulate the walk of living beings as if they were subject to gravity. Others, of course, would simply float. But the idea of temporary solidarity wasn't all that far-fetched. In fact, it could be obtained by simply drawing upon one's connection with the Force. A limited range of Force powers could also be utilised, as well as the ability to teleport somewhat freely to any point in the galaxy.


The ancient history and origins of Force ghosts were extremely difficult to determine. One one hand, it was said that Jedi of the Old Republic, as well as some Sith, knew of a secret to transfer one's essence upon death. While on the other, no such knowledge of eternal life managed to survive the passing millennia. Though in secret the power was preserved by a Force-sensitive and barbaric tribe native to Ossus. It was then rediscovered thousands of years later by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, who passed on the technique to both Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The former of which granted redeemed Sith Lord Darth Vader the final step in becoming a spirit, while the latter used his newfound power to teach Luke Skywalker the ways of the Jedi.

A Quest For Life

Returning to the living realm in a state between life and the Netherworld of the Force was a power truly like no other. Yet the ability to become a Force ghost was not exclusive to members of the Jedi Order. In fact, many Sith Lords learned of similar techniques to also “cheat” death. So it became less uncommon for their mortal bodies to also disappear, and for their spirits to become attached to objects, such as holocrons, or locations. Exar Kun, for example, found himself bound to Yavin 4 following a failed ritual to live forever. But this wan't an isolated incident, for time and time again Sith would find themselves feeling trapped and isolated, or even driven to complete madness, thanks to years of isolation. And so long as they failed to accept death like their Jedi counterparts, instead believing the Force to break them free from the restrictions of life, no Sith would ever fully experience the wonder of being alive...

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