• Mattie Stu

Zombie Stormtroopers – Star Wars Lore: Halloween Special

Undead, reanimated, zombie – these are but a few of the monikers used to describe the resurrected, nightmare-inducing husks whose sole purpose in death is to devour the living. And when combined with the prowess of Imperial stormtroopers, they can truly become one of the deadliest weapons ever created...

Project Blackwing

In a secret research facility – on the lush, watery planet of Dandoran – a sinister Imperial programme sought to revive necrotic tissue. But in their quest for immortality, the Empire's Advanced Weapons Research agency accidentally brewed a deadly concoction. Their combination of scientific analysis and Sith alchemy saw a virus attack its hosts' biological makeup, turning them into undead cannibals. Decreased speed, altered skin colour, and a greater resilience to physical harm – these were just a few of the characteristics the infectious viral agent possessed. Even more shocking, however, the husks of perfectly healthy stormtroopers retained some of their prior intelligence – allowing them to reprogram turret controls, operate blaster cannons, and pilot starships. They could even communicate telepathically with one another, and organise themselves into deadly swarms, to launch coordinated strikes on Imperial forces and Rebels alike. And while they were thought to have been destroyed shortly after the disastrous outbreak – sometime between 0 and 3 ABY – rumours began to surface of their survival through criminal organisations, cartels, gangs, and extremists. It always did seem rather foolish to presume the destruction of an “Army of the Dead”.

Rise of the Undead

Unfortunately, infected stormtroopers weren't the only undead monsters to plague the galaxy, far away. Whether it be through parasitic insects or supernatural chants, reanimated corpses with an insatiable hunger for the living were ever-ready to cause chaos and destruction. An example of the former occurred in 21 BBY, when the Queen of Geonosis used brain worms to raise and manipulate the dead. As for the latter – well, let's just say there was a Dathomirian witch so knowledgeable and powerful that she could revive the fallen through magic alone. This ancient incantation not only stirred the bodies of Dathomir's graveyards, but also resurrected mummified warriors from preserved cocoons. Not even the might of the Separatist Alliance could stand in the way of Old Daka and her mindless hordes...

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