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Star Wars Rebels: “Rebel Assault” - Full Spoiler Review

The midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels, titled “Rebel Assault”, begins with Hera leading a daring attack through the Lothal blockade. And while she and most of her squadron manage to bypass the Empire's forces, their underestimation of Grand Admiral Thrawn sees them all shot down to the planet below. The subsequent Imperial search party forces the rest of the Spectres into hiding, but not Kanan. Although his valiant and heroic decision to rescue his lover cannot prevent Hera's arrest. This leaves the remaining rebels pondering their next move – one which must respond to a heavy defeat. So now that we know the brief summary of the midseason finale, let's take a look at everything I personally liked about “Rebel Assault”, and all the things I wasn't so keen on.


• Kicking off with the positives, and how awesome was the opening to this week's episode? As I've mentioned a number of times before, I'm all for exhilarating action set pieces. So to have “Rebel Assault” begin with a daring voyage through an Imperial blockade was nothing short of incredible! Dave Filoni and company clearly knew this was the midseason finale, and were all for making it an explosive and memorable one.

• It was also great to once more see Thrawn's prowess. Of course, everyone's favourite blue alien hasn't really done all that much, as of late. In fact, he's been more or less schooled week after week by the rebels. But now we can all take a sigh of relief at how he was both so calm throughout the opening sequence, and able to somewhat easily outsmart and outmaneuver Hera and her squadron.


• Moving onto the negatives – and once again, there weren't too many things that made me want to jump headfirst out my bedroom window. Sure, it seems utterly far-fetched, to say the least, for the destruction of a single TIE defender to cause the collapse of two Star Destroyers. And of course, Loth-wolves need to learn road safety! But the biggest gripe I have with this episode is how anticlimactic it was. This was the midseason finale, yet it felt just as long as any other episode of Rebels, and its culmination - as a result - felt completely out of place. Now I know cliffhangers are what hook us all back in for subsequent instalments, but now we have to wait until early 2018 to discover what happens to Hera? All I'm saying is that the ending came out of nowhere, and it didn't feel as gratifying as it should have.

Overall, the midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels began with a bang, mellowed a little bit, then culminated all too quickly. But at least we all now have plenty of excuses to catch the rest of season four when it airs early next year. To be honest, guys, I'm kind of gutted to see this series come and go once again, and for my weekly reviews to suddenly come to a halt. But fear not, early 2018 is not all that far away! Moreover, I will post as much Rebels content as I can between now and then!

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