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Star Wars Battlefront II Review – Is it Worth Your Time?

Compared to its 2015 predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront II feels much more refined and complete. For one, EA have finally delivered a truly unique single player experience, to compliment the ever-reliable multiplayer. But is this instalment worth your time? My name is Noel, and here is my full, spoiler-free review of Star Wars Battlefront II.

Short But Sweet

Following fan backlash over Battlefront I's severe lack of single player content, Motive Studios have introduced an all-new campaign mode this time around, that sees you play as Iden Versio of Inferno Squad. And while it does seem a bit tacked on, with a total play time of around six hours, the voice acting and motion capture performances allow for compelling cutscenes and immensely enjoyable firefights. It also isn't afraid to take risks, which makes for an exciting and diverse playthrough. In saying that, however, a plot twist occurs relatively early on that I'm sure will frustrate most fans. And as a result, many will feel the marketing campaign for this compelling story to be entirely misleading. But if you're mostly a multiplayer gamer who doesn't mind checking out new game modes here and there, then the single player campaign is definitely worth checking out.

The Ever-Reliable Multiplayer

Where Star Wars Battlefront II truly shines, which should really come as no surprise at this point, is in its various and familiar multiplayer modes. As always, Dice have blended together just the right amount of action and gratifying level-progression into the likes of Blast, Galactic Assault, and the new and improved Heroes Vs Villains to keep fans old and new coming back for more. But if not, then Criterion Games' drastically overhauled Starfighter Assault mode will no doubt hook many a Poe Dameron or Han Solo wannabe.

Out With the Old, in With the Old

Unfortunately, Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer suffers from many of the same drawbacks that plagued its 2015 predecessor. For example, Galactic Assault still feels too grandiose for what it actually is. Too many times will players find themselves in a cycle of spawning, running for a few minutes straight, only to die and then spawn once more. Moreover, it's something of a rarity for attacking teams in Starfighter Assault to complete their allocated objectives, given some rather awkward balancing issues. On the contrary, each of the Heroes and Villains – regardless of their Force-sensitivity or choice of weapon – feel just as strong as the next. And so, you never feel pressured to the pick the same two or three Jedi or Sith every game. It's just a shame there is absolutely no way to view key statistics like your kill/death ratio. Which, while fine for the average gamer, will frustrate many of the more hardcore players out there.

The 'M' Word

Now, it's no secret that Star Wars Battlefront II makes uses of the “pay to win” model, in that microtransactions and its various loot boxes and star cards go hand in hand. And while it's easy to identify with the majority of fans who simply shun any mention of the dreaded 'M' word, it's a little unfair not to side with EA here – given their decision to forgo paid DLC. It's also worth applauding their recent decision to drastically reduce the cost of various Heroes and Villains.


With a competent single player mode and yet another truly addictive multiplayer experience, Star Wars Battlefront II stands head and shoulders above its somewhat rushed and lacking predecessor. But behind the stunning graphics and seamless gunplay lie some of the same problems which plagued Star Wars Battlefront of 2015. So while I personally enjoyed my overall experience, I can't help but think EA are yet one sequel away from truly reaching the heights this beloved franchise so rightly deserves.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

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