• Mattie Stu

How Poe Dameron Escaped From Jakku

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Finn, I couldn't agree more! This showcase of incredible agility and sheer skill from Poe Dameron and his specialised X-wing makes for one of the greatest scenes in the entire Star Wars saga. That is if you completely ignore major plot threads, such as Poe's miraculous act of teleportation from Jakku to Takodana. Yet in Alan Dean Foster's novelisation of The Force Awakens, this apparent oversight is not only given a reasonable explanation, but it also describes Poe's journey in a great amount of detail. So, with that in mind, let's uncover exactly how Poe Dameron escaped from Jakku.

Turning to page 140 of the novelisation Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Poe finds himself stumbling between Jakku's many sand dunes as he struggles to recall exactly who he is and why he's in such a deadly predicament. In fact, he appears to have suffered a nasty concussion, given the massive egg-like lump on his forehead. As with any nasty bump to the head, however, the memories of his recent past suddenly flood the pilot's dazed and confused mind. Poe Dameron, the Resistance, escape, Jakku... Finn! He suddenly panics. Where on earth could Finn be? And perhaps more importantly, where is BB-8?! These are all thoughts and questions he can't help but ponder, although he reassures himself that both man and droid can take care of themselves. Now it's time for Poe to take care of himself.

The next day arrives all too quickly, and Poe is desperate for both water and transportation. This drive and determination sees him continue his march forth, where he stumbles upon a passer-by, or rather a passer-by stumbles upon him. From a somewhat ugly and beat-up speeder emerges a curios Blarina named Naka Iit. The small figure isn't entirely sure whether to help Poe out, or to simply rob him of his limited belongings. But out of exhaustion, or perhaps madness, the pilot exclaims his heroic journey to the desert planet, somehow winning over the scavenger in the process. Though it must be said that Iit only agrees to help out of amusement. What a crazed liar, he thinks to himself.

Scrunched up in the back of Iit's tiny speeder and unforgivingly sipping away at one of the scavenger's metal flasks, Poe makes his way to Blowback Town. Unfortunately, the ride is far from smooth. In fact, a rival clan begin chasing the Blarina and his passenger, firing waves of blaster fire at their modest speeder. Not one for surviving near fatal crashes to then simply perish in a foolish gunfight, however, Poe switches places with Naka, quickly decelerates, before unleashing the craft skyward to rain scorching sand upon the bandits below. All in a day's work. From there, he hitches a ride to Yavin 4 – courtesy of Iit's friend, Ohn Gos – where the Black One awaits. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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So there we have it: the ins and outs of Poe Dameron's escape from Jakku. But are you happy with this explanation? Or did you envision something entirely different? Let us know in the comments below.

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