• Mattie Stu

Snoke & The Supremacy – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lore #1

Infamous throughout the galaxy, the Supreme Leader of the First Order used both distance and grossly enlarged holographic projections to maintain a sense of unreachability. Save for General Hux, Kylo Ren and his various guards and attendants, Snoke's true form was rarely ever seen, and for good reason. Whether it be the hypertrophic scar channel that ran down his forehead, or his misshaped face due to malformed zygoma, he certainly looked rather worse for wear. And while his physical skills may have come and gone along with his general aesthetic, his ability to persuade, manipulate, perceive, and wield the Force was second to none. Yet, as all great leaders chose to do, Snoke surrounded himself with eight highly trained Praetorian Guards, who were ever-ready to jump to their Supreme Leader's defence. His dark purple robed attendants, on the other hand – well, they were a bit more stand-offish. In fact, these alien navigators were entirely mute, and had to rely upon amplification lenses as a means of enhancing their weak vision. But given their enlarged brains, each could easily process multidimensional calculations. They even went as far to design and operate the oculus viewing scope in Snoke's elaborate throne room. Speaking of which...

Supreme Leader Snoke, unusually, chose to forgo a throne world. Instead, he established his base of operations aboard the 60-kilometre-wide, Mega-class Star Destroyer known as the Supremacy. This ginormous capital ship-turned mobile space station – which was concealed in the Unknown Regions and masked behind highly energetic stars – allowed the First Order to transport entire armies across the galaxy. It even bolstered industrial shipyards and manufacturing facilities so to craft and repair anything from walkers to star destroyers. Of course, such a large vessel required millions of crew members to keep things running smoothly – most of whom were deeply loyal yet efficient adolescents. Many junior officers, as a result, populated the communications complex. From there, they monitored the galaxy's holonet traffic to identify exploitable trends and weaknesses. The Supremacy was also known to house a complex static field generator within its advanced hyperspace tracker. This enveloped arrays of nearby databanks and computers, thus allowing the First Order to calculate unimaginable rates of acceleration. Nearby resided the command bridge, which looked down upon a sweeping vista of city-like structures. And as for Snoke's throne room itself – well, it was yet another enormous chamber veiled by an opaque red curtain and located near the craft's center.

Unfortunately, that is all the information we have so far on both the Supremacy and Supreme Leader Snoke. However, there is still plenty of information and lore to discuss from The Last Jedi. So feel free to leave all your suggestions for future videos in the comments section down below.

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