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3 Reasons Why Amilyn Holdo Withheld Information From Poe Dameron

Whether you love or loathe The Last Jedi, I'm sure we can all agree that it’s far from perfect. I mean, no film is without its problems here and there, and Star Wars: Episode VIII sure does suffer from a few missed opportunities. And while I have come to enjoy Vice Admiral Holdo's sudden reveal as a rather competent and in the know leader, her decision to withhold key information from Poe Dameron seems utterly bizarre. But hey, we're all living in the internet age, where everything has an explanation if you look hard enough and try not to knock over your tinfoil hat. So, with that in mind, here is my poor attempt to defend one of the most criticised plot points in the entire Star Wars Saga. Wish me luck!

Number 03. A Foreign Vessel

As the commanding officer of the Ninka, a Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo was backed by a loyal and handpicked command staff. Aboard the Raddus, however, well – let's just say she was a little out of her depth. Not only was she surrounded by an array of complete strangers, but her willingness to succeed where others failed saw her limit the flow of information to a need-to-know basis. And with her long-time friend reduced to a coma-like state, Holdo sought to carry out General Leia Organa's wishes as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Number 02. A Need for Secrecy

In the same vein as my last point, the only members of the Resistance Holdo knew she could trust were her very own command staff. So the idea of spreading word of a plan that could have perhaps divided what was left of the faction seemed entirely preposterous. The Vice Admiral was also keenly aware of the Resistance's dire situation, and that anyone desperate enough for survival could have easily swapped key information for safe passage. All it would have taken was a single spy, one double-crosser or even a slight slip of the tongue to foil any chance of escape.

Number 01. A Reckless General

Admittedly, all of my previous points can be instantly ruled out if you deem Poe Dameron both trustworthy and level-headed. So let's try to somewhat ruin his reputation. First of all, Poe is as reckless as he is gifted. I mean, his unyielding quest to destroy a First Order dreadnought risked countless lives and further depleted the already limited reserves of the Resistance. And second of all, a demotion from wing commander to squadron captain displays the kind of tough love required for someone as short-sighted as Poe. All in all, Holdo wasn't prepared to betray the orders and integrity of her critically-wounded friend. And as a leader who gave orders and expected them to be followed without question, she simply could not trust the cocky and unpredictable pilot...

So there are three explanations behind Vice Admiral Holdo's decision to keep Poe Dameron very much out of the loop. Let me know whether or not you agree with such reasoning by leaving a comment down below. Also, let's try to keep the conversation at least somewhat civil.

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