• Mattie Stu

The Caretakers of Ahch-To – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lore #3

Native to the temple island of Ahch-To, and located in a village on one of its northern inlets, the Lanais have evolved from the very same stock of seabirds that eventually produced Porgs. Yet unlike their rather unintelligent counterparts, each member of the species is somewhat advanced. Well, as advanced as avian islanders can possibly get. For example, most of their technology derives from the planet's vast aquatic life. Even their various musical instruments incorporate the likes of vertebrae, horns, bladders and beaks. And while their language makes use of spoken words and hand gestures, the Lanais can read both long-range fire signals and writings of cuneiform marks based on the shape of their feet.

Despite their apparent inability to wield the Force, the Lanais can instinctively read the intentions of island newcomers. They also spend a great deal of time each day trekking overland to the southern shore, where the females of the race maintain the ancient Jedi temples, clear stone paths of any growth, and make necessary repairs. Though it must be said that, despite their millennia of service, none of the Lanais follow the Jedi path. Instead, their religion expresses light and dark through the ever-changing weather of Ahch-To. And so, in their minds, balance is tranquillity. Yet unlike their male counterparts, known as the Visitors, Caretakers are generally considered to be the more empathetic and spiritual members of the species. So while each male dedicates his life to travelling the seas aboard hand-crafted boats, gathering hauls of fish for monthly visits, the Caretakers diligently preserve the legendary island.

The Caretaker Matron, Alcida-Auka, stems from an untold number of ancestors, and thus instills the virtues of cleanliness, orderliness and decorum within her underlings, whom she often refers to as “daughters”. She also seeks to promote a joy for all things music. In fact, Caretakers often like to keep rhythm during their repetitive chores by whistling, bellowing and turning their everyday tools into impromptu percussion instruments. Even the Visitors enjoy partaking in such loud and boisterous song upon their periodic returns-turned-festivals. So much so that they all come together for folk songs regarding their everyday jobs and ballads of their storied pasts alike. Food, music and dance, and long-term romances rekindled – that's how the Lanais party!

So there is everything we know so far about the Caretakers of Ahch-To. But which species, planet, vehicle or character from The Last Jedi would you like to see covered next? Let me know in the comments below!

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