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10 Easter Eggs and Cameos to Look Out For in The Last Jedi

You can be forgiven for not quite noticing the various intricate details of The Last Jedi upon your first viewing. I mean, I'm still trying to process all the different plot twists more than 4 weeks removed. It's no easy task, I can assure you. But hey, critics and fans alike seem to agree that you should check out the latest Star Wars cinematic instalment at least twice. So next time you’re sitting back, waiting for the classic blue text to appear, make sure to keep an eye out for these 10 not so obvious Easter Eggs and Cameos.

Number 10. Battle Damaged Luke

One of the bigger talking points coming out of The Last Jedi is how much Luke Skywalker's character differs from the original trilogy. And while we can sit here and debate for hours whether the Jedi Master has simply aged thirty years or has been completely mishandled, at least there is one thing we can all agree on... Green milk is awesome! In all seriousness, there is one aspect of Luke's character that hasn't changed all that much – other than a botched skin graft. Yes, I'm talking about Luke's mechanical hand – which still bears the same blaster bolt-induced scorch mark from his scuffle aboard Jabba's sail barge.

Number 09. A Relic From the Battlefront

Sticking with Luke Skywalker, and did you know that the very compass found on his travels to Pillio, a playable mission in Star Wars Battlefront II, can be found in the Jedi Master's homestead on Ahch-To? Well, if not, now you do. Time to move onto the next entry, I guess.

Number 08. Force Projection

I don't know about you, but it took me way too long to notice that Luke Skywalker's presence on Crait was nothing more than a Force projection. And I say “way too long” because all the clues were there. Firstly, with a shorter haircut and dyed beard, he looked a good ten years younger than his present self. And secondly, Luke's choice to use his blue lightsaber was rather suspicious, given the weapon's destruction only a few scenes prior. But if that wasn't compelling enough, the famous Jedi failed to cast any footprints in the world's salty sands.

Number 07. A “Rogue” Director

Speaking of Crait and the final showdown between the forces of good and evil, you may have noticed that at least one of the Resistance troopers looked rather like Gareth Edwards. Now, for those who don't know, Gareth Edwards was the chap who directed Rogue One. And in that very anthology film, he awarded Rian Johnson the cameo role of an Imperial gunner. So to return the favour, Johnson cast Edwards in The Last Jedi in a similar 'blink and you'll miss it' moment. Yet that wasn't the only connection between the two films. For example, General Leia Organa's flagship was named the Raddus after Rebel Alliance hero Admiral Raddus.

Number 06. Royal Stormtroopers

The Star Wars saga is certainly no stranger to royalty, nor is it unfamiliar with celebrity stormtrooper cameos – here's looking at you Bond... James Bond. So if I were to tell you that Princes Harry and William were both called upon to don the classic white armour, you would probably believe me, right? Well, you should as they did. And while their specific scene failed to make the final cut of the film, everyone from the likes Gary Barlow to Tom Hardy are said to have featured in the capture of Finn and Rose.

Number 05. The Boys Are Back!

Now it's no secret that J.J. Abrams' love for the Beastie Boys contributed to some rather intriguing character names in The Force Awakens. Ello Asty, for example, was named after the hip hop group's song “Hello Nasty”. But did you know that even with Rian Johnson in charge, the trend has continued? It's sort of became a running joke and rule for members of the Abednedo species to be named in a similar manner to the aforementioned pilot. Ilco Munica, Roodown and Brasmon Kee were all named after songs “Ill communication”, “Root Down” and “Brass Monkey” respectively. Even the disgruntled Abednedo on Canto Bight, voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was named Slowen Lo after, well, “Slow and Low”.

Number 04. Alderaan Lives!

Alderaan, we hardly knew ya. But at least we now have foliage to remember you by. Seriously, after the planet's destruction – RIP, by the way – Alderaanian trees became something of a commodity for the obscenely rich. This is why the various promenades of Canto Bight are lined with the “fire and spice” of chinar trees.

Number 03. BB-8 – the “Mouse Droid”

Aside from R2-D2... or maybe porgs... or perhaps anything small and/or furry in the entire Star Wars universe, BB-8 is just the cutest! And as it turns out, he's quite the undercover operative – as proven by his various mouse droid-inspired beeps and whistles whilst sneaking around the Supremacy.

Number 02. A Bad Feeling

You know, before I began writing this list I thought to myself: “I have a bad feeling about this!”. And nearing the end of the video with only a tenth of you still here to indulge my annoying Scottish/Irish/European accent, I think the saying very much rings true. Anyway, the aforementioned line is perhaps the most renown phrase in the entire Star Wars saga – other than perhaps “May the Force be with you”. Yet its inclusion in The Last Jedi is incredibly easy to miss. In fact, not a single human or alien character mutters this classic line. Instead, good old BB-8 anxiously chirps away in the film's opening scene, to which Poe Dameron replies: “Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!”.

Number 01. Carrie On Barking!

Before her passing in late 2016, Carrie Fisher and her dog Gary were as inseparable as inseparable could be. Even while touring the world and appearing on various talk shows, one was never far from the other. When it came to a galaxy, far far away, however, they couldn't be further apart. No joke, Gary can be found amidst the rich and powerful of Canto Bight, all while Carrie's very own character recovers from the harsh climate of space, lightyears away. With that being said, The Last Jedi truly is one of the greatest tributes to the late, great actress.

So there are ten Easter Eggs and cameos in The Last Jedi. But were there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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