• Mattie Stu

Elite Praetorian Guards – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lore #4

Standing watch over Supreme Leader Snoke's throne room aboard the Supremacy dreadnought, the Praetorian Guard are a bold example of an Imperial symbol reimagined by the First Order. These elite sentinels continue to don the distinctive red uniforms of the Royal Guard before them, yet they have ditched their predecessors' cumbersome and rather ornate robes in favour of precision-machined combat armour. And while most consider them to be the last line of defence, thanks to Snoke's reclusive and mythical nature, no one can deny their ability with spears, whips and daggers alike. Their sheer combat prowess alone means that they are ever-ready to thwart any threat their ageing and physically-weak leader cannot.

While the origins of the Praetorian Guard remain a mystery to this very day, the name itself can be traced back to the 14th Atrisian Emperor of Kitel Phard. Likewise, their fighting style incorporates a number of ancient forms - including Teräs Käsi, Bakuuni Hand, unarmed Echani styles, and even Nar Kanji (or rather “Blind Alley”) techniques. This explains their varied and somewhat unusual weapons – all of which bear an uncanny, high-tech resemblance to those carried by primitive tribes across the galaxy. In fact, so advanced are the electro-bisento, vibro-voulge, Bilari electro-chain whip and twin vibro-arbir blades that each are capable of parrying lightsaber strikes. This is due to their electro-plasma filaments and the compact ultrasonic generator connected to each tempered metal blade.

Given the First Order's keen eye for bold colours and startling symmetry, all eight members of the Praetorian Guard find themselves segregated into pairs. But despite their varying helmet designs and assigned weapons, the armour of these elite warriors bears the same unyielding characteristics. For example, the onion-skin of laminate is impregnated with conductive wirepaths that create an intense magnetic field powerful enough to deflect blaster fire. And while exposure this mag-field causes pain to its user, the deeply loyal and dutiful Praetorian Guard are willing to sacrifice their comfort in an effort to protect Supreme Leader Snoke...

So there is everything we know so far about Supreme Leader Snoke's very own Praetorian Guard. Let me know in the comments below if you prefer these guys over their Imperial predecessors, as well as any characters, planets, vehicles and much more you would like to see covered next in this series.

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