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(3 Reasons) Why Everyone Thinks the Millennium Falcon is a “Piece of Junk”

The Millennium Falcon is perhaps the most iconic ship in the entire Star Wars saga. Piloted by the likes of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and Rey, the innocent looking freighter has pulled of some incredible manoeuvres, not to mention a continuity-breaking trip through the Kessel Run. Yet the Falcon itself doesn't appear to receive the appreciation it should. In fact, the vessel is more often than not referred to as a “piece of junk”. So, why is this? What are the in-universe characters seeing that we are not? Well, let's find out!

Number 03. Old Yeller

Compared to something like the H-type Nubian yacht, or even the N-1 starfighter, the Millennium Falcon is simply far from the most aesthetically-pleasing ship in the galaxy. Combine this fact with its old age – having been manufactured in 60 BBY, according to various Legends sources – and suddenly the legendary vessel doesn't quite hold up to the more modern crafts seen on Coruscant and Canto Bight alike. To make matters worse, however, Corellian freighters such as the YT-1300 are unbelievably common. So much so that they are often rebuilt or refurbished from entirely different models.

Number 02. Makeshift Makeovers

I think we can all agree that Chewbacca and Han Solo are two of the saga's most iconic characters. It also goes without saying that their skills with blasters, bowcasters and space gear sticks alike are almost unrivalled. But let's face it, they’re not exactly the best mechanics. So whether it be the constant call to adventure, the multiple owners who have added their own modifications for better or worse, or Solo's refusal to clean his ship's appearance as a matter of pride, the Falcon always seems to be in a state of repair. And with makeshift micro-panels over an ever-increasing number of blaster bolt-induced scorch marks, it's no wonder why the likes of Norra Wexley find the ship so unappealing:

“It was a thing to marvel. A sight she will never forget. That’s from the outside. On the inside? She’s surprised this thing holds together. It’s got the structural integrity of a sack of spare parts. Nothing matches. Things dangle. Wires lie exposed. Panels don’t match their moorings. The console doesn’t even look original to the ship— it’s like her son built it in his workshop back on Akiva. Bits sit welded to other bits or, worse, are stuck together with wound-up wads of bonding tape and shellacked over with shiny epox. Norra is afraid this thing might break into pieces right here in the middle of rocketing through hyperspace.”

Number 01. A Lust for Adventure

With both of my aforementioned points in mind, the reason why the Millennium Falcon is always needing repairs and looks a little worse for wear is due to the craft's unnerving job description. It's something of a rarity to simply see the Falcon parked up in a hangar bay and not fleeing TIE fighters or treacherously making its way through asteroid belts. If it was a modest cargo freighter, as its make and model would like to suggest, then perhaps it wouldn't be as busted up. Simply put, the Millennium Falcon is like an antique car that has definitely seen better days. But out of sheer nostalgia, or perhaps fond memories of epic manoeuvres and daring escapes alike, Han Solo has loyally stuck by his unassuming craft. Even in the possession of Rey and Chewbacca, the vessel has become a symbol of hope and defiance – two characteristics that define the Resistance.

So there are a few reasons as to why so many in the Star Wars universe dislike the Millennium Falcon. But now I want to hear from you! Which starship from the galaxy far, far away is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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